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Enjoy a relaxed and perfectly ventilated environment with this versatile oscillating and adjustable IKOHS foot fan. With the copper Sly Copper 100% motor, it is more efficient and quiet than other fans, so the feeling of relaxation will be complete since its electricity consumption is lower. With 3 speeds, remote control, oscillating and height adjustable, it is the standing fan that can meet your ventilation needs whenever you need it. Forget the burden of heat and enjoy the COMFORT V.


COMFORT V, an adjustable and oscillating foot fan thought and designed to solve your home ventilation needs. With timer and 5 blades of ZenAIR aerodynamic design that amplify the air flow by covering more meters. Discover all the relaxation that this versatile IKOHS fan provides with its multiple functions, speeds and simple settings. Forget the heat, humidity and stuffy environments completely, regulate the speed or choose from your 3 ventilation programmes from your remote control.

Easily turn it into a floor fan thanks to its extensible 2-in-1 design that you can use as it suits you: as a standing fan or, at low height to influence more on a Sofa or a bed. Forget complete heat, humidity and stuffy environments, in addition, the floor fan COMFORT V includes an integral safety system that prevents accidents: an ultra-resistant grid and blades of semi-soft material.

* Base diameter: 42cm; Fan diameter: 41cm; Maximum Height: 135cm; Minimum height: 78cm.