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Window cleaner robot

Buying a window cleaning robot is the best solution to keep your windows and glass surfaces always clean and in perfect condition without any effort. The automatic window cleaning robot is safe, effective and practical, as it reaches hard-to-reach areas, saving you the chore of cleaning windows forever!

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Fully autonomous, the window cleaning robot is a multi-function glass cleaner. It can be connected to either a fixed or mobile energy source. The robot can clean verticle surfaces as it is equipped with a special suction mechanism that allows it to cling to vertical surfaces. When working, there is little to no chance that the machine will become detached and fall, no matter what angle the surface is at.

How does an automatic window Cleaner Work?

The cleaning robot utilises an infrared system which allows it to detect the correct surfaces while avoiding obstacles like window frames. This infrared system also allows it to detect when to utilise the vacuum suction in order to ensure that it does not fall. Modern automatic window cleaners are designed to cover every window twice when cleaning to achieve much better results. These robots carry a lithium battery which can be charged from any mains outlet. Within 5 minutes, a robotic window cleaner is capable of cleaning between 2 and 3 square meters.

The vacuum cleaners and window cleaners come in a variety of models and the higher-end devices come with a wide variety of functions capable of satisfying any requirements. For those interested, an aelectric window cleaner is capable of:

  • Cleaning the most inaccessible windows
  • Washing and drying the windows
  • Working on all types and configurations of window
  • Respecting the glazing materials
  • Adapting to the floors of the house
  • Cleaning the window recesses

The robotic window cleaner is equipped with microfiber pads which prevent it from scratching the glass or any tiled floors it must travel across.

Window cleaner robot: Preliminary Precaution

A window cleaning robot can be used at the same time as it is still connected to the mains. Its backup battery will turn on in the event that the electricity is interrupted. It is still possible to use the window cleaning robot even if its battery is not fully charged, but this is not always recommended. If necessary, a security system must be installed to prevent the robot from breaking in the event of a fall. This security system takes the form of a cord which must be fixed to the railing or a window by means of a suction cup. Take care to adjust the length of the cord to the height of the glass. If it is too long, the robot will shatter on the ground in the event of a fall.

Before switching on the device, make sure that the pads under the robot are in place and that they are clean. It is only after taking these precautions that the robotic window cleaner must be positioned on the glass and actuated.

After the robotic window cleaner Work is Finished

Once the window cleaning robot finishes its work, yours begins. The good news is that there are very few things to do other than to have sparkling windows. This is a very important step in the process.

In general, there will be a small trace of residue where the robot stopped working. All you have to is gently wipe the spot with a rag and voila. In the event that the robot was unable to clean the window edges, you will have to finish the job.

The machine should be checked after every cleaning job. The pads must be removed, cleaned or changed as required.