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Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioning unit can be easily moved from one room to another, and a portable and silent air conditioner does not require costly installations. In our catalogue you will find multifunction air conditioners that combine air conditioning, fan, heater and dehumidifier in a single unit, as well as some models with WiFi connectivity and control via the CREATE APP.

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Are you tired of summer days where you have to bear with the heat? A portable air conditioner can be a great solution to turn down the temperatures. It is a flexible, effective, and relatively inexpensive way to cool home during sweltering weather. A good portable air conditioning unit will be like a loyal companion, which you can transfer from one room to another and get cool air whenever you need it. They are straightforward to install but do require venting via a window or wall. Once you have placed the portable AC where you would like it, you must set the vent hose through an opening to the outside so that it will be able to expel the hot air out. However, not all moveable air conditioners are created equal, and the wrong choice can lead to costly repairs. Here at our online store, we stock a variety of portable air conditioners from single hosed units to double hosed units, heat and cooling units as well as dehumidifying units.

Shop for the Best Portable Air Conditioner UK

We provide our customers with value-oriented movable fans that are either digital or manual. We also have durable portable ACs that can cope with the most challenging environments. Whatever the location and whatever the task, at our online store, you will find a portable unit that is up to the task. Moroever, you can obtain an air conditioning system for a poorly ventilated room in your home or apartment. We also have portable ACs for garages, workshops, health facilities, and factories that need to be climate-controlled. As well as ACS for computer server rooms, which are generally poorly ventilated areas that contain plenty of electrical equipment, which runs continuously, causing the room temperature to rise. Having a portable air conditioner in use prevents the computer from overheating and keeps the temperature of the room comfortable; meanwhile, the chance of a system outage decreases.

Getting the Most Out of Your Portable AC Unit

Before buying a portable AC, figure out how much cooling power you need, based on the size of the room where you'll be using it. To get the most cooling power, you have to consider the BTU rating. BTU stands for British thermal unit, it describes power and cooling capacities. It measures the heat that an air conditioner can remove from a room. A good rule of thumb is that for every 400 square feet to be cooled, you will need 12,000 BTU's of cooling. The higher the BTU, the stronger the air conditioner. At our online store, we have portable ACs that have BTU ratings ranging from 5,000 to 30,000.

Portable Air Conditioner Features

All our portable AC models come with great features. Some of the units have:

  1. Auto drain technology: Ac units with technology recycle and utilize collected moisture to produce cool fresh air. Others come with dual-hose operation to ensure rapid cooling.
  2. Activated-carbon filter: This feature along with a washable prefilter helps maintain a healthy environment.
  3. Remote Control: so that you can change the temperature and other settings from wherever you are in the room.
  4. Auto safety shutoff/ on: protects the portable air conditioning unit against power overload as well as promotes safe use. This feature also turns on the unit after a power failure.
  5. Heat Integrated: Many of our movable air conditioners offer heating functions.