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Ceiling fans for vaulted ceiling

Don't let sloped ceilings limit your comfort! At CREATE, we offer ceiling fans specially designed for attics and high ceilings. With efficiency and functionality, our fans for sloped ceilings will keep your home cool and stylish. Take advantage of the integrated light option for functional lighting as well. Bring comfort to every corner of your home with our fans suitable for sloped ceilings.

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The importance of having the right ceiling fan for vaulted ceilings

When it comes to sloped ceilings, it is crucial to choose the right fan to ensure efficient and comfortable air circulation in your home. While a tower fan or a quiet stand fan can be effective, these devices are specifically designed to adapt to the angles and spaces of high and sloped ceilings, providing optimal airflow even in the highest and narrowest areas of the house. 

Features of angled ceiling fans 

Ceiling fans suitable for attic and slanted ceilings have special features that make them ideal for these types of spaces. Here are some of the most notable features:

  • Slim profile: Fans for sloped ceilings often have a slimmer profile, which allows them to easily adapt to this kind of circumstances. This ensures that the device fits properly and does not interfere with the available space.

  • With lights: Sometimes, attics or very large spaces have little lighting. Installing a fan lamp can be the solution to provide the missing light to your space while also keeping it cool.

  • Specifically designed blades: These models have blades specially designed to operate effectively on sloped ceilings. These blades are configured to move air efficiently, even in spaces with complicated angles.

  • Remote control: A remote control can be a very convenient feature. It allows you to adjust the speed and settings without having to climb a ladder. 

Factors to consider when installing a sloped ceiling fan in a slanted ceiling

Before installing it in your attic, it is important to consider some key factors. Here are some points to consider:

  • Ceiling height: Measure the height of your attic to ensure there is enough space to install it without interfering with the comfort of the occupants. Additionally, make sure there is adequate clearance between the fan and the sloped surfaces of the ceiling.

  • Fan size: Choose a ceiling fan that fits the size of your attic. If it is too large can clutter the space and cause the fan blades to rub together. Therefore, it is very important to consider this factor when choosing a model for your room.

  • Adjustable tilt capability: Make sure the model you choose has the ability to adjust the tilt angle to fit the sloped ceiling of your attic. All our devices can be placed on ceilings with a slope of up to 20º, except the WIND CLEAR model, which can accommodate an angle of 15º.

  • Design and aesthetics: Consider the design and aesthetics so that it harmoniously integrates into the decor of your attic. There is a wide variety of styles available, from modern and sleek to rustic and traditional.

At CREATE, we understand the importance of having the right model for your attic. Our fans are designed with the unique characteristics of attic ceilings in mind, providing efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions. You can create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in your attic without compromising style or functionality. Don't wait any longer and discover our selection of ventilation in our online store. We have cooling options ranging from table fans, to make work at the desk more pleasant, to portable air conditioning units, so that coolness follows you wherever you go. Make your space a cool and cozy place!