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Coffee makers & Tea

Coffee and tea lovers know how important it is to prepare them properly to get the aroma, flavour and texture they hide. We have a wide catalogue with different styles and designs of coffee machines, kettles, kettles, milk frothers, accessories, etc. Discover the one you like best.

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Coffee Machines: The Makers of the Recognised Alert Elixir

You wake up in the morning, rub your eyes, swing your legs out of bed, and then what? What's the very next thing you do? For many, the steps that follow lead them directly to the coffee machine where their morning ritual begins. While the coffee aromas fill the home, the rest of the family starts to stir. Hmm, coffee - what type of day starts without it? For the coffee enthusiast, the mere smell of coffee beans roasting or a warm pot of fresh coffee brewing is the smell of motivation, energy, and comfort. If you don't already have the best coffee machine and obviously, a good coffee grinder; you are officially missing out on that little kick start and caffeine injection. 

Seeking out the best coffee machines

If you were told that by simply getting the best coffee machine you could improve your personal and work life, what would you think? You'd probably be sceptical that coffee makers could have that much power, but the reality is that they do!

In the personal home, a coffee machine is a place for family members to gather, share a cup and get ready for the day. It also provides the perfect elixir to sip on while discussing pertinent issues, making plans, or providing a comforting word and a shoulder to cry on. 

In the office space, the best coffee machine is the one that staff members have access to. A difficult day is eased into with a cup of your favourite brew. An intensive project that deserves your alert attention gets just that with a cup of java, compliments of the in-office coffee maker. As humans, we want to feel alert, awake, and able to fully commit our attention to our day's tasks and activities and when you have a good quality coffee maker available to you. 

Retro coffee machines: choose your favourite design

Our retro coffee makers are a delightful fusion of style and functionality, transporting us to a bygone era full of charm and colour. They don't just serve coffee, they stir up nostalgia and emotions. With their classic design and thoughtful details, they are one of the must-have appliances for coffee lovers. Every cup is a journey back in time. If you are a lover of retro design, the magic of retro looking coffee machines will envelop you and transform your coffee experience into something truly special.

How the best coffee machine can benefit you

In case all this sounds too romantic, let's take a look at the facts. Coffee makers didn't become a firm favourite in the private home and office on a whim. People have realised the true value in having one and that's the very reason why so many homes and businesses sport the latest make and model in their kitchens. The advantages of coffee makers, both in the private home and office space, are undeniable. Some of them are listed below: 

  • Moderate coffee drinking is good for health: Yup, it's true! Your favourite brew can provide you with disease-obliterating anti-oxidants. In fact, the NHS did a recent study that shows people who drink coffee are less prone to various diseases. Coffee is also said to be quite good for the liver and can reduce your risk of liver disease. The NHS listed a variety of health benefits of drinking 3-4 cups of coffee per day, which you can read here. The best way to get your healthy dose of daily coffee is to leave the preparation work up to the coffee makers!
  • Enjoy a good mood: It's an undeniable fact that drinking coffee releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is that happy hormone that makes you feel good and cheerful. People who have access to a coffee maker during work hours often handle the day better and are rarely ""down"".
  • Coffee boosts productivity: Most people drink coffee for the power-boost it gives them. Taste, although important, is not the number one reason for coffee consumption! Drinking a cup of coffee can make you feel more alert and energized. It also helps with focus, which is great if you are working on a home or business project. Perhaps you just need a cuppa to get that get-up-and-go feeling and your coffee maker can make getting that fix quick and convenient.

Coffee, coffee...glorious coffee! You simply can't live without it. And if you have been living without a coffee machine, perhaps now is the time to change that! At our online store you will find a huge variety of coffee pod machines and espresso machines. Choose the most appropriate coffee machine for you and wake up each morning with a big smile in your face.

You can also find in our catalogue other options such as:

  • Boom coffee makers: Lever espresso machines allow users to have more detailed control over the extraction process, including temperature and water pressure, which can result in a high quality espresso with a rich crema and well-defined flavours.
  • French press brewers: Also known as plunger brewers, these are a method of brewing coffee that allows ground coffee to be immersed directly into hot water.

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