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Electric towel rails

Electric towel rails provide extra comfort in the bathroom of your home as, in addition to heating and drying your towels, they help to balance the temperature and humidity in the bathroom. You can buy heated towel rails, electric glass towel rails, or convert it into an electric floor towel rail.

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​Deciding to change your bathroom decor may not be easy, especially when there is a new trend coming up every now and then. From making decisions about sinks, baths and tiles, there are important aspects to be considered when designing your bathroom interior. One crucial design aspect that has always been overlooked are heated towel rails.

Heated towel rails increased in popularity in the 80s, when ugly radiators were slowly giving way to modern designs. It is around this time that designers discovered the efficiency of electric radiators was better at warming rooms through the winter than drying the towels. With this new demand, the need for heated towel rails was discovered and it is a design that has been featured in many bathrooms ever since.

The benefits of Electric Tower Rails for bathrooms

There are three main types of heated towel rails; central heating, electric heating and dual fuel. But the electric towel rail is the most versatile option found in the market. They are lightweight and thin and can be installed anywhere. They are a great choice for high rise buildings and flats where you may be having a problem with getting the right amount of pressure from the central heating. Finally, they are aesthetic and beautiful to look at, making them an excellent fit to blend in with your style.

An electric heated towel rail will add style, comfort and warmth to your bathroom. But you are probably asking yourself which is the best electric towel rail to choose from. Here are some ideas to help you make the best choice.

How to choose the best Electric Heated Tower Rail?

  • What size of electric heated towel rail do you need?

Before delving into exciting details like styling and finishing, it's essential to determine what size of electric heated towel rail you need for your bathroom. Working out where in your bathroom you want to install the towel rail will make it easier to work out the size of the heated towel rail you need.
For bigger bathrooms instead of installing only the heating towels you can also combine it with a ceramic heater to have uniform warmth allover. 

However, if you have limited space in your bathroom, you don't have to worry most heated towel rails come in vertical optimization. You can make use of your upward space. If you have limited horizontal and vertical space, you will be surprised at the small sizes of heated rails available. You shouldn't be worried about the small space being overheated, you can also choose an air conditioning to air your small bathroom.

  • Where will be positioned the electric towel radiator?

Make sure to take time to decide the position where you will place your towel rail and if you will buy an electric radiator too. If it's a new bathroom that you are fitting from scratch or renovating, ensure that you tile or paint behind the towel rail first. If you are replacing an existing electric towel radiator, make sure you opt for a towel rail that's wider or the same width to keep plumbing work at a minimum. If you choose a towel rail that is not wide, more changes will be required, especially if your pipes are exposed rather than running along the wall.

Place the towel rail near the bath enclosure to save you time of having to walk over to get the towels.

  • Which type of metal is the best?

You should opt for a heated towel rail made of stainless steel. High quality stainless steel is able to conduct more energy by 15 % than mild steel. If you are working with a low budget then mild steel is still a good option to start with. Mild steel may be available in chrome plating, black or white, silver or anthracite powder coat finishes.

Choose an electric towel rail today and get an opportunity to design the bathroom of your dreams.​