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Milk frothers

You can call them whatever you like: milk frothers, milk mixers, coffee frothers, milk boilers, milk warmer frothers, it doesn't matter. With milk and chocolate frothers you get professional barista results and you can add that creamy, dense and smooth foam that adds so much to your coffee preparations.

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Enjoy your favorite coffee shop experience from the comfort of your kitchen or office by using a milk frother when making your hot beverages. We stock the best milk frothers in the UK. If you have always wondered what makes coffee from cafes nice, creamy, with extra foam, then the frother is what is standing in your way of achieving this same privilege to your home. Once you buy coffee makers or espresso coffee machines or coffee pod machines make sure they are accompanied by a milk frother. Frothers come in different varieties based on their capacity and how they work. Our online shop caters to all preferences with good quality milk frothers available for you.

Types of Milk Frothers

There are three main categories of frothers based on their working mechanism. These are:

  • Manual
  • Handheld Electric
  • Automatic

As the name suggests, a manual milk frother will require physical input to achieve the frothing effect. It comes in two popular designs, a small battery-powered wand or a bigger component similar to a small French press. A handheld electric milk frother is powered by electricity and adopts a similar design as an electric hand mixer. The user holds it into a bowl and moves it around as it spins, causing the milk to form. Lastly, possibly the best milk frother available is the automatic milk frother. This is a powerful hands-free appliance that works in seconds to achieve an impressive frothing effect.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Milk Frother

  • The place of use of the frother matters a lot. For own personal use, a simple manual frother is sufficient. For more frequent use such as a restaurant or café, milk frothers electric options would be ideal.
  • Ease of use. Choose a frother that will work best for you. For people who travel a lot, a portable handheld frother would be ideal as it is light and convenient to carry.
  • Power usage. Understanding the frother's energy efficiency will enable users to choose the best and cost-effective alternative for their budget.
  • Material used. The best frothers have a metallic attachment usually made from stainless steel that is strong and durable.
  • Ease of Cleaning. Smaller frothers automatically are easier to clean than the more advanced appliances. If ease of cleaning is a concern for you, consider manual frothers or electric frothers that can be easily detached to clean its different components with ease.

Benefits of a Milk Frothers

Ideally, milk frothers are designed for milk only to make the perfect latte or cappuccino drink. However, you can achieve way more with their ability to complete other simple tasks such as whipping up cream or beating eggs. These appliances are powerful, and you get even more with electric milk frother options, which are boosted with extra power depending on the number of watts on the particular machine. These frothers will save users money that they would spend in a take-out coffee and give them the same result at home. In addition to the foam, the frothers can also be used to slightly warm milk when a powerful device is used. They are a good investment that offers long-term service at an affordable cost. There are no additional costs associated with them after purchase except the almost negligible power use or battery replacement for the handheld frothing wand.