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Tower fans

Tower fans without blades represent a breakthrough in design and the most innovative technology. At CREATE we want to offer you silent tower fans that, in addition to their different features and functionalities, become a sophisticated decorative element for your home, creating an optimal atmosphere of comfort and air conditioning.

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About tower fans

Unlike their traditional circular counterparts, this fan features a tall, narrow and vertical design. This design creates a shape great for saving space in your household since it can fit even in tight spaces. Despite being narrow, these types of fans are quite efficient, creating a larger breeze of cool air compared to their conservative peers. These fans are gaining popularity because they are more energy-efficient, trendier, and cost-effective. Fit them anywhere in your house - tabletops, shelves, narrows spaces in the attic, and many other places. Consider getting the best tower fan for your room and enjoy the cool breeze throughout the day, and night.

Why do you need the best tower fan?

It is not without reason that tower fans have found their way into people's homes, gradually edging out the circular fans. Here are some facts you will love about these fans:

  • Increased ability to fan a broader area: Compared to the pedestal fan, these devices have a wider arc of oscillation, sweeping air all around even in big spaces.
  • They are noiseless: These fans work almost silently, hence, quite convenient for your home. You won't need to switch them off to hold an intimate conversation with your peers, or to fall asleep.
  • They save space: Because of their narrow slim design, these fans occupy very minimal space in your rooms. Just a small space at the corner of the shelf is enough to accommodate it. Circular fans, on the other hand, need larger spaces for their blades.
  • Energy efficient: You can program these fans to work for a specified period, such as 7 hours when you sleep, then switch off automatically. They help you cut down on your utility bills.
  • Easily portable: You can easily carry these fans from one place to another by hand since they are light and are fitted with handles for easy handling.

Important features of tower fans

If you are looking for the best tower fan to buy, you may have to consider certain features that define its functionality. You may need a tower fan with remote control so that you can manipulate it from the comfort of your leather chair, or your bed. Such a feature offers you the flexibility and the peace of mind you require, especially when you retire to bed. You could also do with a fan that doubles as an air conditioner, warming your room during those cold seasons. Such a fan would be multi-functional, and would spare you the hassle of purchasing and maintaining a separate air conditioning unit. Some of these fans even have filtration systems to keep allergens out of your house. Therefore, these fans are an affordable and healthy way of managing your household.

Bladeless fans: modernity and functionality

In the search for innovative and efficient solutions to combat the heat, the silent bladeless fans stand out as an avant-garde and highly functional option. The bladeless tower fan, in particular, combine modern design with cutting-edge technology to offer a unique and safe cooling experience. Opting to buy a fan without blades means choosing a quieter environment, as these silent bladeless fans are known for their ability to generate a constant airflow without the disruptive noise typical of traditional models. Moreover, their elegant and futuristic aesthetics make each bladeless stand fan without blades a decorative element that complements any space.

Other types of fans

  • Pedestal: These pedestal fans are great for raised places or platforms in your house. 
  • Industrial floor: Use the floor fan for large spaces, such as in factories and warehouses.
  • Misting: The misting fan is convenient for places that experience high temperatures for long periods.
  • Ceiling: This ceiling fans is suitable for your ceiling. At our online store, you can also buy ceiling fans with light and ceiling fans without light
  • Table: Lay the table fan on the table, sit back, and enjoy the coolest breeze.
  • Ventilation: These fans can provide a wide breeze of cool air in your rooms.

If you are looking for an affordable way to manage the airflow in your house, consider ditching the traditional circular fans that produce a lot of noise and occupy plenty of space. Instead, go for the stylish tower fans that will get the job done but at a remarkably lower cost.