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AIR FLOOR RETRO - Industrial floor fan

Great power in both sizes

The 12-inch model has a power of 45W and the 16-inch model has 80W. Great air diffusion in any of its 3 speeds, which adapt to different needs.

AIR FLOOR RETRO - Industrial floor fan

100% copper motor

This material makes it very powerful and capable of high turning speeds with very little consumption. Copper motors are more efficient, resistant and durable.

AIR FLOOR RETRO - Industrial floor fan

Incredibly silent and lightweight

The smallest model weighs 3kg and the other weighs 5kg so you can move both easily. Its 1.5 metre long cable allows for a wide range of movement within the room.

AIR FLOOR RETRO - Industrial floor fan

Fresh, new and ventilated air

One of the advantages of floor fans is that they move the cold air that accumulates on the floor, distributing it throughout the room.