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Hand blenders

Hand blenders have always been present in every household. An electric hand mixer whips, mixes, blends, grinds, emulsifies, etc. With stick blenders you can prepare an infinite number of dishes quickly, cleanly and effortlessly that would be too expensive to do with hand blenders.

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What is a Hand Blender?

Hand blender is also known as an immersion blender, wand blender or a stick blender. Is a kitchen appliance with blades that is used to grind, puree and blend ingredients in a container in which they are being prepared. This appliance was invented by a Swiss by the name Roger Perrinjaquet which was later patented in March 1950. This kitchen appliance has larger versions which are used for commercial purposes and they are known as boat motors. This appliance is mostly used for pureeing and emulsifying soups. It has an electric motor that drives the blades which are at the bottom of the shaft. The top is designed in such a way that makes it easy for the user to hold while using it. Some of these blenders can be used while the pan is still on the stove. These types of blenders are different from counter top blenders and food processors since they don't require a special vessel for processing or pureeing food stuff. 

Which is the best Hand Blender?

The best hand blender is that which works efficiently and effectively to quickly whip up smoothies and purees. If you are looking to blend or puree more dense food stuff, you can get a more powerful one that has a motor with more watts. The blender should also have a removable shaft that makes it easy to clean with a dish washer. Also, durability should also be considered when looking for the best stick blender. 

Other types of Blenders 

There are different types of blenders and juicers that you can purchase to make life easier. These include but not limited to:

  • Cold press juicers: These are appliances which are used to make juice by pressing and squeezing the fruits so they can produce juice. These devices offer a quick alternative for making juices and produce less pulp.  This type juicers do not use any heat so this means you'll be enjoying the juices in their true and raw nature.
  • Mini blenders: These appliances are a great invention for the kitchen as they have great blending power but in a small unit. They are ideal for mixing all types of ingredients, drinks and smoothies without taking up too much space in the kitchen. They also have the capability of blending, chopping, slicing and whipping at great speeds. These appliances can come in the form of immersion blenders or countertop blenders with a set of blending jars. 
  • Stand mixers: This is a kitchen appliance that that is gear driven to rotate the beaters that in turn mix the intended ingredients in a bowl. The appliance is used for stirring, mixing or beating. When the beaters are replaced with a hook, it can knead dough to the consistency that you'd prefer. 
  • Smoothie blenders: Incorporating fruits and vegetables to your diet is great however you need a blender that is up to the task. Blender meant to make smoothies should blend the ingredients into a texture that is consistent and can easily puree common ingredients like nuts, ice cubes and leafy vegetables into a consistent texture. They make the perfect smoothie with a lot of ease. 

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Advantages of using handheld blenders

  • They are efficient
  • They are versatile
  • They are easy to maintain