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Waffle makers

Waffle makers are in fashion, and at CREATE we have many to offer: small waffle makers, interchangeable plate waffle makers, 3-in-1 sandwich waffle makers, in pastel colours, etc. You can easily make sweet or savoury waffles, with the ingredients of your choice. With a domestic waffle maker, fun in the kitchen is guaranteed.

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Enjoy Mouth-Watering Desserts with our Waffle Iron

Hands up who wants waffles? If you're craving a stack of freshly baked waffles with ice cream, fruit, syrup, or anything else your heart desires, you've come to the right place. We offer a huge variety of waffle making appliances that will make preparing delicious breakfasts and desserts simpler than ever. So let's take a closer look and explore the different waffle machine options that buyers can choose from, before thinking about a few other purchases that could enhance your kitchen even more.

Can you imagine a better snack than a waffle accompanied by a freshly made coffee? Just thinking about it surely makes you hungry already. Well, you can achieve this with one of our coffee makers. We have everything from lever machines to French press coffee makers, explore our catalog!

Our Types of Waffle Maker Available

All of our waffle irons have a similar format, and they are all equally easy to use. The basic system couldn't be much simpler. Users just pour waffle batter into the grid-iron, then use the maker to apply heat and pressure, converting that rich batter into irresistible crispy dough. But there are some differences between devices, especially when it comes to looks. Our waffle machines come in a range of colours. So you can pick from pink, turquoise, grey, black or white models. It's up to you.

What to Expect from our Waffle Makers

Our waffle preparers come with handles on the end, making them easy to carry and move around the home. And you can even take them with you to friends' houses for parties. They also double up as waffle and sandwich makers - expanding your snacking options. There are different plates for different dishes, which can be swapped out and cleaned easily. All of them are non-stick and free from PTEF and PTOA compounds, making them safe to use. Underneath the appliance, you'll find high-grip feet, while each device comes with an LED which lets you know when your food is ready to devour.

Learn How to Prepare Ice Cream and Waffle Feasts

These waffle preparers are great for whipping up satisfying breakfasts, but they aren't the only items to think about. And it may be even better to pair up waffle irons with other products to complete your collection.

  • We also stock a variety of popcorn poppers and ice cream maker machine products which can match up cream and sugar with all kinds of flavouring.
  • Stand mixers are another great option, allowing users to blend eggs and flour with milk to create a batter mix that's ready for baking.

All of these devices can be used alone, but they really shine as a team. Put them all together, and you can prepare the perfect dough, bake flawless waffles, and add some freshly made ice cream. What could be better?

Expand Your Dining Capabilities with our Appliances

At our online store, we want customers to broaden their culinary horizons, and our equipment provides the ideal way to do so. We've been talking about waffles so far, but don't stop there. Take a look at our electric pizza maker devices, and you'll soon be adding your favourite toppings to homemade dough. Or browse other kitchen appliances like sandwich makers and rotary blenders. All of these products are part of what we call our funny cooking range - a collection designed to make cookery more enjoyable than ever. So whether you want super-fresh waffles or unique home-baked pizzas, you know where to look. At our online store you will find everything you need.