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Floor fans

Industrial fans or floor fans, perfect if you are looking for a large flow of fresh, ventilated air. They make the best use of the coldest air, which is always at ground level, they are suitable for large rooms, patios, terraces, you can take them wherever it suits you best and enjoy the freshness they generate.

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We must start by defining a floor fan. This is a fan that can be placed on the floor and produces air that will make your room cool. Basically, these fans can be used on any floor, be it office floors, house floor or any other kind of floor. It has the cooling effect that you require when it is hot. Some fans are portable, whereas others are not portable. There are some other types of fans such as ceiling fans, industrial fans, tower fans, misting fans, pedestal fans and table fans. These fans have different uses. At our online store, you can also buy ceiling fans with light and ceiling fans without light

Features of Floor Fans

  • Number of blades: Basically, fans vary in terms of blades. Some come with two blades, three blades, four blades, or even five blades. The number of blades will depend on the size of the fan itself. The number of blades may determine the level of performance. The higher the number of blades, the higher the performance of the fan.
  • Size features: Floor fans come with various sizes ranging from 16 inches up to 20 inches. The 16 inche fan is the most common type of fan. The size of the fan does not determine its performance. Different kinds of fans have various power methods. There are some fans which require the direct client (DC) to operate. Such fans come with a cable in which is connected to the socket.
  • Power requirements: Rechargeable batteries power some fans. Most of those batteries range from 1400MAH to 1600 MAH. You can note that the size of the current in those batteries is not minimal. Such fans are portable and can work in any environment provided the cells are around. Solar fans are also in the market. Such fans are equipped with a solar panel in which solar energy will be converted into the current which will make the fan work.
  • Speed settings: Industrial Fans come with speed settings in which allows you to adjust the speed of the blades. Not all fans come up with the same speed settings. The most common fans have 3-speed settings; however; you can find fans with more than 3-speed settings.
  • Control methods: The fans also come with some buttons such as power buttons, speed buttons or control buttons. There are advanced models of fans which come with a remote control whereby you can switch the fan on or off by use of the remote. Also, speed settings are adjusted remotely.
  • Noise control features and colour: Some fans produce a lot of noise while they are operating, others produce average sound, but some advanced models are silent while on operation. This will depend on the type of fan you have. The colour factor depends on the taste of the buyer since the fans come in different colours. The most common colours are white and black.
  • Design: You should also note that industrial floor fans come in different configurations depending on the manufacturer and the buyer's choice. There are some models in which they provide tripod stands for the fans in case you have a small child who can alter with the fan.

Advantages of floor fans

  • They are economical
  • Easy to operate
  • User- friendly
  • Portable
  • Have an oscillating fan for a better cooling
  • Remote control features
  • You can opt for a nickel ceiling fan as an alternative to industrial fans, as it maintains that style of decoration in the room.