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Electric kettles

Kettle kettles are more functional than you might think. Apart from boiling water quickly, most electric kettles and electric teapots allow you to keep it hot or at a certain temperature, always ready to serve. Prepare tea, Noodles, infusions and consommés, instantly.

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The electric water kettles, also known as kettles, are one of the most practical and functional kitchen appliances you can find in any home. Just like French press coffee makers or lever coffee machines for coffee enthusiasts, water kettles are the perfect ally for every tea or infusion lover since their main function is to heat water in an instant.

They are compact and lightweight devices that mimic the shape of a conventional jug and whose operation is simple and safe. Moreover, on the market, there are different materials, designs, and shapes for you to choose what you like the most, not to mention their functionality and versatility. With a cordless electric kettle, you can enjoy the best infusions both inside and outside the home, as there are compact or travel models. Or, is there anything better than a relaxing infusion after a productive yoga or pilates class? Forget heating water in the microwave! Be practical and opt for an electric kettle.

Types of Electric Kettles

During the day? Nothing is better than enjoying a delicious coffee to stay active. At night? An aromatic and refreshing infusion to relax before sleeping.

As you can see, there are numerous occasions when having a kettle in your kitchen is necessary. This small appliance is always ready to use, as you just need to fill it with water and press a button.

There are different models and materials available, so before deciding on one kettle over another, it is advisable to analyze their advantages and benefits. We primarily differentiate between:

  • Electric kettles: electric kettles work plugged directly into the electric current. They are practical and safe devices widely used in most households. Stovetop kettles: as the name suggests, they do not work connected to the electric network but are placed on the fire to heat the water inside. They are usually made of metallic materials to ensure their durability and safety.
  • Travel kettles: their compact and lightweight design makes them ideal devices for individual use. Additionally, they are easily transportable, so you can take them with you on vacation. Their capacity is limited, but you can quickly heat up to three cups of water.

Materials of a Kettle

Regarding the material used, we generally differentiate between:

  • Stainless steel kettles: stainless steel is a resistant and high-quality material that guarantees the durability of the device over time. Moreover, it is beneficial for health, as it reduces the risk of releasing small harmful particles into the water.
  • Glass kettles: despite seeming like a fragile material, glass kettles are quite resistant devices, not to mention their sophisticated design that will add glamour and elegance to your kitchen.

Furthermore, unlike plastic or other types of materials, glass does not leave a taste, so your infusions will always be in perfect condition. Additionally, regardless of the chosen material, it is essential to pay attention to the device's functionalities. For example, it is advisable to choose a kettle model that has temperature control to ensure that the device automatically shuts off once the water reaches the appropriate temperature.

Maintenance of a Kettle for Boiling Water

Kettles for infusions are easy to clean, maintain, and conserve, as it is not necessary to clean them daily with water and soap after use. However, due to the direct and continuous contact of the water with the heating elements, it is recommended to descale the device after a certain period to prevent its deterioration.

How to do it? Although there are certain home remedies, such as boiling white vinegar and, once finished, repeating the process with water to clean the device, we suggest consulting the manufacturer's recommendations for the best use and conservation.

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