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Table fans

Table fans provide us with direct and immediate ventilation, immediately reducing the heat. At CREATE you can buy a silent table fan for your study or work table, we have small table fans with USB cable, with aroma diffuser, retro style fans, in many colours, etc.

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A table fan is an electric home appliance that is used to provide a cooling effect in the house, especially when the weather condition is hot. Not only is the fan used in homes but also offices and other institutions. It is a small fan that is portable, and it is the best option that you can use to provide cooling for small spaces. Fans can be placed on desks or countertops and other platforms too.

Types of Table Fans

There are two major types of fans, namely:

  • Small Desk Fan: This type of fan is meant to circulate air in a confined room, which does not accommodate many people. It is placed on the desk and has a small base area that enables it to settle well on a small office. The oscillations can also be monitored depending on the amount of air circulation that the user wants.
  • Small Table Fan:The type of fan is meant for office places, though it can also be used in the bedroom and living room. It also has a small base area that makes it standstill on a table. You can regulate the oscillations as well as monitoring the direction of air circulation. Most of the fans can rotate up to an angle of 250 degrees; therefore, circulating air in almost all corners of the room.

Features of a Table Fan

  • Longer Blades: All fans are made of blades, but the edges of these fans are made of longer blades. This means that the fan provides adequate ventilation in the room as the blades increase the volume of air circulation. Contrary to a tower fan and a floor fan, they have shorter blades.
  • Light in Weight: This type of fan is light in terms of weight hence portable. With this, you can carry the fan to the place that you desire and make it operate from there. If you need more air circulation, you can keep it closer to you, unlike a ceiling fan , which is permanent and cannot be carried from one place to the other.
  • Regulation of Air Circulation: The table fan is similar to a pedestal fan as it has some sockets attached to it. You can use the plugs to maximize ventilation in your room, or you can decide to minimize it. This provides the consumer with the freedom to choose what he/she wants.
  • Remote Control: Nowadays, most table fans come with a remote controller so which makes it easy for the consumer to use the products. You do not have to wake up from your bed or desk to operate the fan. You can change the speed and mode from any place of your room.

Benefits of Using a Table Fan

  • Less Energy Consumption: As compared to other fans such as the misting fan, a small desk fan does not consume much electricity. This fan consumes 50 to 100 watts only, and this will help you in saving power and money too.
  • Proper Room Ventilation: Not that the fan is small in size; it does not mean that they cannot ventilate your room properly. They are among the best ventilation options and the cheapest.
  • Environmental Friendly: The desk and small table fans are bot user friendly and environmentally friendly. Sometimes Air conditioners are associated with health complications as well as environmental threats like global warming. The only risk that one can experience is an electric shock if he/she handles the fan recklessly.
  • Portability: In some places such as the kitchen where temperatures from the gas cookers could be causing discomfort, this fan can be carried there and many other sites.