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Increases energy efficiency with the summer/winter function

Changing the blade rotation direction evenly distributes warmth from the heating that rises to the ceiling in winter or dissipates warm air in summer, which increases energy efficiency.

In summer
Windlight Easy AC
In winter
Windlight Easy AC
Windlight Easy
Small and silent
Quiet ceiling fan that you won’t even notice if you keep it on while you sleep, as it's practically silent at low speeds. All you’ll feel is a light and pleasant breeze, which will help you keep a relaxed and ventilated atmosphere.
Windlight Easy
With 6 reversible blades made of MDF wood.
Depending on the side of the blade that is mounted, different air flows and rotational speeds are obtained.
Windlight Easy
53W AC Copper Brushless motor, brushless and made of copper
Copper motors are stronger and more durable than those made from other materials. Not having brushes helps it avoid wear and tear, prolonging its optimal functioning.
Windlight Easy
Chain pull switch lamp
With an E27 light bulb (not included), it provides good lighting when, in addition to having a well-ventilated space, you need extra light in the room.
Windlight Easy
Small ceiling fan
With a diameter of 86cm, this fan is perfect for rooms inside your house between 9m² to 12m² in size.
Windlight Easy
Several colours and finishes
Ceiling fan for bedrooms or children's bedrooms and playrooms. A fan with small, reversible blades, with different colour combinations depending on the model you choose.

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