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Black ceiling fans

Black ceiling fans are always a hit if you are looking to decorate and acclimatise the spaces in your home with a simple and elegant style. With CREATE's ceiling fans you can choose the colour black for the motor or the blades to match the decoration you want in each room. All our fans are very quiet, energy efficient and can include light or WiFi connectivity. Choose the model with which to dress up the ceiling of your home. Let yourself be carried away by its aesthetics and design, refresh and renew the air in your home without giving up all its features.

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Black Ceiling Fans for Home

In the world of home appliances, the color black is undoubtedly synonymous with elegance and sophistication, and the black ceiling fans you can discover on our website perfectly embody these criteria. But beyond being elegant and sophisticated, the black ceiling fans we offer are interior design gems and technologically advanced.

As you may already know, we have customizable ceiling fans on our website's configurator, along with a buying guide to help you choose the black ceiling fan that best suits your home. Choose between the two main options: black ceiling fan with light or black ceiling fan without light, and then you can select other parameters such as WiFi connectivity, design, size, etc.

For example, a black ceiling fan is a winning bet to decorate and climate-control any room in the house, as the contrast they offer with the white ceiling is perfect: it stands out and directs attention, adding design and decoration to the room's ceiling.

Black Ceiling Fans with Light

The black ceiling fans with light we offer are "dimmable," which means that, in addition to being able to switch between three light colors (warm, neutral, and cool), you can conveniently adjust the intensity from the remote control. Buying black ceiling fans with light and remote control is an optimal way to create suitable lighting environments for every moment of the day. This feature is also available in the rest of the CREATE ceiling fans of any color and design, such as white ceiling fans or even models like the outdoor ceiling fan.

We offer an extensive catalog: from the most modern designs to the more classic ones, you are sure to find black ceiling fans that suit your tastes and needs. The advantages of ceiling fans over other climate-control devices are numerous, with perhaps the most important being their energy efficiency, as they provide a perfect ventilation climate with minimal consumption.

Black Ceiling Fans with Low Energy Consumption

Like the rest of the designer ceiling fans you can find on our website, the black ceiling fans we offer are low-consumption ceiling fans. The difference in energy consumption between a black ceiling fan with light (or without light) and an air conditioner is a 90% saving on your bill. During the same operating period, an air conditioner consumes more energy than a ceiling fan. Additionally, black ceiling fans or fans of any other color and design are more environmentally friendly, as they do not use gases to cool the air, and they are also cheaper and easier to install than an air conditioner.

Give your home a fresh look, work, sleep, and above all, relax, as all our models of black ceiling fans are silent ceiling fans. Furthermore, most of them come with a copper and brushless DC motor, which are more efficient and durable than other types of motors, as well as being much quieter. Having a black ceiling fan with a DC motor also allows you to reverse the rotation of the blades thanks to the reverse function.