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White ceiling fans

Do you know the latest trends in home decoration and ventilation? CREATE ceiling fans are customisable, so you can choose from our range of colours for their motor and blades. White is a very fashionable colour, it brings brightness and cleanliness to all spaces and matches almost any style of room. Our white ceiling fans are energy efficient and include a winter-summer function so you can enjoy them all year round. In addition, you can choose whether you want to combine them with light or wifi so that they not only ventilate but also illuminate your rooms.

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White Ceiling Fans for the Home

White appliances and furniture have been bestsellers for decades when it comes to equipping and decorating our homes. The color white always brings a simple style, brightness, and an atmosphere that conveys cleanliness, comfort, and well-being. White is still a trend in decoration and interior design, including in the world of climate control and, of course, in the universe of ceiling fans. That's why at CREATE, we can offer you the best white ceiling fans, with designs, shapes, and features that you won't find anywhere else.

Why Buy a White Ceiling Fan?

A white ceiling fan with light is a winning choice to decorate and climate-control any room in the house, including outdoor areas such as a porch, terrace, or balcony, as we also have white ceiling fans for outdoors. We offer an extensive catalog of white fans: from the most modern designs to the more classic ones, you are sure to find white ceiling fans that suit your tastes and needs.

As with any other ceiling fan, there are several factors to consider when choosing to buy white ceiling fans, and the most important one is the size and type of room where you plan to place it. The larger the room and the higher the ceiling, the larger the diameter of your silent white ceiling fan should be. Conversely, if the room is small, you should opt for a small white ceiling fan.

On our website, you can access the customizable ceiling fan configurator, so in addition to being able to buy white fans, you can add various functionalities and specifications. For example, if you prefer to buy a white ceiling fan with a remote control or a white smart ceiling fan, if you want it to be a white ceiling fan without light.

Give your home a fresh look, work, sleep, and above all, relax; all our ceiling fan models are silent, including white ceiling fans, black ceiling fans, and any other you choose.

White Ceiling Fans with Low Energy Consumption

Most of them also have a copper DC motor. This type of motor is more efficient and durable than other types of motors, as well as being much quieter. Having a white ceiling fan with a DC motor also allows you to reverse the rotation of the blades thanks to the reverse function: in summer, they rotate counterclockwise and dissipate the hot air, cooling the environment. In winter, they rotate clockwise and distribute the warm air generated by the heating that accumulates on the ceiling, ensuring that it spreads throughout the room.

Like the rest of the designer ceiling fans you can find on our website, the white ceiling fans we offer are low-consumption ceiling fans. The difference in energy consumption between a white ceiling fan and an air conditioner is a 90% saving on your bill. During the same operating period, an air conditioner consumes more energy than a ceiling fan. Additionally, the ceiling fan is more environmentally friendly, as it does not use gases to cool the air, and it is also cheaper and easier to install than an air conditioner.