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Small ceiling fans

Small ceiling fans are the most suitable for rooms and rooms in the home such as offices, kitchens or bedrooms that do not exceed 12m²/15m². At CREATE we have designer ceiling fans for these types of rooms and they are customisable: with or without adjustable light, with or without WiFi connectivity, different materials and shapes, etc. All our small ceiling fans are energy efficient and very quiet. They are conceived and designed to ventilate small spaces without renouncing their functionalities, also providing decoration and style in this type of rooms.

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Small ceiling fans are ideal for rooms and spaces that do not exceed 12m². They are also perfect when the ceiling of the room where we plan to place it is low. For everything else, a quiet small ceiling fan is just as good and offers the same functionalities as a large ceiling fan.

Quiet small ceiling fans

On our website, you will find your small ceiling fan with light if you prefer, as the ceiling fans we offer at CREATE are customizable, from their size to their functionalities. You can also choose the color of the motor and the blades of your fan. Add WiFi whenever you want, so you can start enjoying your small WiFi-enabled ceiling fan and all the advantages that a smart ceiling fan offers.

Having intelligent and connected products like our fans allows you to come home and find a well-ventilated environment with a pleasant and cool temperature. If, instead of a small ceiling fan with WiFi, you prefer to buy a small ceiling fan with a remote control that is also stylish, with a DC motor, with or without LED light, and quiet, you have come to the right store. Sleep, work, relax – any activity will be much more enjoyable while keeping your home ventilated with a small ceiling fan with light, an outdoor ceiling fan with light, or a small ceiling fan. All our fan app models are quiet ceiling fans.

Small ceiling fans with low energy consumption

Like the rest of the design ceiling fans you can find on our website, the small ceiling fans for bedrooms that we offer are low-energy ceiling fans. The difference in energy consumption between a ceiling fan and an air conditioner is a 90% saving on your bill. During the same operating period, an air conditioner consumes more energy than a ceiling fan. Furthermore, the ceiling fan is more environmentally friendly as it does not use gases to cool the environment, and it is also cheaper and easier to install than an air conditioner.

What to consider when buying a ceiling fan for a small room?

There are several factors to consider when buying a quiet small ceiling fan.

Room size

It is important to consider that the larger the room and the higher the ceiling, the larger the diameter of your ceiling fan should be. Conversely, if the room is small, it is better to buy a small ceiling fan, and you don't have to worry about its effectiveness, as it is the same as that of a large one.

Motor type

Another factor to consider is the type of motor you want for your small ceiling fan: a ceiling fan with an AC motor or a ceiling fan with a DC motor. DC motors are much more efficient and durable, allowing your fan app to have the reverse rotation function (to use it in both summer and winter).

At CREATE, we know that every home is unique, and that's why we offer customizable ceiling fans to adapt to your needs. If you prefer a small ceiling fan with light, we have it. You can choose the size, the color of the motor and blades, and add WiFi to enjoy the advantages of a smart ceiling fan. Additionally, if you're looking for an even more versatile model, you can discover our retractable ceiling fan, which combines functionality and design in one piece. Find the perfect ceiling fan for your home at CREATE and enjoy a fresh and comfortable environment all year round!