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Large ceiling fans

Its large diameter and design allows large ceiling fans to generate airflows of greater volume, to efficiently and optimally ventilate the largest spaces in the house or rooms with high ceilings. Like the rest of CREATE's ceiling fans, they are very silent and customisable, as you can choose their colour, the material of their blades, if you want them with adjustable light and Wifi. Design ceiling fans that decorate and provide a fresh and airy atmosphere at any time of the year.

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Thanks to the design and large diameter of large ceiling fans, which can generate flows that move a large volume of air, we can ventilate the largest rooms and spaces of the home and rooms with high ceilings optimally and efficiently. A large ceiling fan from CREATE is just like its smaller and medium-sized counterparts: it is a silent ceiling fan, it is also an energy-efficient ceiling fan, etc.

Ventilation capacity of large ceiling fans:

As mentioned, a large ceiling fan with a light has similar functionalities to any other fan, such as an outdoor ceiling fan or a small ceiling fan. The main difference lies in its capacity to ventilate large or very large spaces, between approximately 26m² and 37m². This type of large blade ceiling fan typically has a diameter ranging from Ø152cm to Ø163cm.

Factors to consider in a large ceiling fan:

Now that you know you want to buy a large ceiling fan with light, let us mention some factors that can support your purchase decision.

  • Ensure that the model of the large ceiling fan you have chosen is sufficient for the space where you want to place it. If this room or space lacks natural lighting or other lamps, you may be interested in buying a large ceiling fan with light. These fans are also known as master bedroom ceiling fans.

  • Diameter and bars for double height: The larger the diameter and the number of blades, the more air your extra-large ceiling fan will be able to move. If your ceiling is very high, install the long support bar to allow the air to reach all corners of the room more effectively.

  • Large ceiling fans with Winter-Summer Function: The so-called reverse function is an exclusive feature of the best large ceiling fans. Specifically, it makes the blades rotate in the opposite direction to the usual, causing the cold air to rise and the warm air from the heating accumulated on the ceiling to descend. This raises the temperature several degrees.

  • Control and operation: The most convenient way to control the operation of silent ceiling fans, whether they are children's ceiling fans or large ceiling fans, is by using a remote control that allows you to adjust all their settings and functions while lying in bed or sitting on the sofa.

  • Add WiFi whenever you want, so you can start enjoying your large ceiling fan with WiFi and all the advantages that a smart ceiling fan offers. Having smart and connected products, such as our large ceiling fans with WiFi, allows you to come home and find a well-ventilated environment with a pleasant and fresh temperature.

  • Another factor to consider is the type of motor you want for your large ceiling fan: a large ceiling fan with an AC motor or a large ceiling fan with a DC motor. DC motors are much more efficient and durable, allowing your fan app to have the reverse function (to use it in both summer and winter).

In our online store, you will find a wide selection of ceiling fans, including the retractable blade ceiling fan with light, ideal for rooms with high ceilings. With our high-quality products, improving the ventilation of your home has never been easier.