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Ceiling fans summer-winter function

The reverse function is the one that allows you to invert the direction of rotation of the blades of our ceiling fan summer winter function. In summer, the blades rotate anti-clockwise, to circulate the air in the room in an upward direction and lower the ambient temperature. In winter mode, the blades rotate clockwise, distributing the hot air accumulated in the ceiling downwards. This improves the energy efficiency of the home and reduces energy consumption.

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Ceiling Fans with Summer-Winter Function: It's Possible!

The main objective of a home climate control system is to adjust the temperature in all rooms, creating a pleasant and cozy environment, in other words, creating a comfortable ambiance that you won't want to leave. However, typically, we tend to opt for a series of electrical wall heating devices to combat the winter cold and different ventilation systems to cope with the hot summer days, resulting in a considerably higher cost of investment. But, can you imagine using a single device for both seasons? Well, at CREATE, we want to tell you that it is indeed possible.

There are a series of ceiling fans with integrated dual function capable of cooling the air in summer and heating the environment in winter, which allows you to save significantly on electricity consumption.

The main advantages of these devices are:

  • Their design is modern and sophisticated, serving as decorative elements for your home.

  • They are quite silent, providing calmness and comfort while climate controlling your home.

  • They have the reverse function, which make them especially versatile and functional.

  • They are quite powerful devices and come with multiple speed levels to adjust the air intensity.

  • They come with a remote control for better convenience and ease of use.

  • They feature a timer mode to program the device for specific hours.

As you can see, opting for a summer-winter fan is indeed possible! So don't hesitate any longer. Check out our extensive catalog of home ventilation options for winter and get your device at the best price. You will be able to keep your home perfectly climate-controlled in an instant.

How Summer-Winter Ventilation Works

These summer-winter ceiling fans are very useful and practical as they improve the efficiency of the home climate control system. Additionally, they promote airflow and movement, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere all year round.

Their operation depends mainly on the mode in which the device is set:

  • Winter ventilation mode: In this mode, the fan blades rotate in the same direction as the clock hands. This way, the device pushes the warm air accumulated on the ceiling of the room downwards, balancing the ambient temperature and creating a cozy climate.

  • Summer ventilation mode: In this case, the fan blades rotate in the opposite direction to the clock hands. The movement of the blades generates a gentle breeze that reduces the high temperatures in the environment, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Both modes are equally efficient because regardless of the season, your home will be perfectly climate-controlled, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

Forget about feeling cold or hot in your home! With a summer-winter ceiling fan, you will guarantee a pleasant thermal sensation at all times.