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Kids ceiling fans

At CREATE we also want the little ones to have maximum comfort and a well-ventilated environment in their rooms. That's why we have chosen a range of small and medium-sized fans, in many colour combinations, energy-saving and quiet. In addition, most of these children's ceiling fans also function as dimmable LED light bulbs, so in addition to cooling and keeping children's rooms ventilated, they also provide stylish lighting and decoration.

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Ceiling fans have become the most efficient way to regulate and condition the temperature and atmosphere in homes. Children's ceiling fans are designed to offer the same advantages to the little ones, but with a design and features adapted to their needs. Just like an outdoor patio fan requires certain characteristics, a youth ceiling fan needs to meet certain requirements to fit well in kids' rooms.

On our website, you can find different models, from children's fans with lights (within our section of ceiling fans with lights) to a children's ceiling fan lamp with a pull chain and reverse function. Generally, these fans have a smaller diameter to generate the most suitable airflow in their rooms.

Kids Ceiling Fans with WiFi

As part of our commitment to connected household appliances, buying a smart ceiling fan is an increasingly popular trend: this way, you can control its use even when you're not at home. However, if you prefer to control the functions of your traditional ceiling fan, you can always opt to buy a children's ceiling fan with a remote control.

How to Choose a Children's Ceiling Fan?

When choosing a children's ceiling fan, consider at least these four points: the size of the room where it will be installed, the type of motor, energy efficiency, and customizability.

Size for a Children's Ceiling Fan

The size of the room is essential when choosing a children's ceiling fan. Typically, children's rooms are not very large, so an appropriate silent ceiling fan could have a diameter of approximately Ø76cm to Ø112cm. This size generates enough airflow to keep the room cool and ventilated, but also allows you to keep it on at low speeds during the night so that the little ones can rest comfortably without the risk of catching a cold. However, if the child's room or playroom where you would like to place a children's ceiling fan with light is large, you can always opt for larger models with a more informal design.

Motor for a ceiling fans for kids

CREATE offers a few models of children's ceiling fans with AC motors that also offer the reverse function for summer and winter. This is possible thanks to a small manual switch that reverses the direction of the blades (similar to a ceiling fan with a DC motor). This way, in summer, the warm air is dissipated, and the constant circulation lowers the room temperature by several degrees. In winter, by reversing the direction of the blades, the warm air from the heating is pushed down and gathered from the ceiling.

Energy-Efficient Children's Ceiling Fans

Like the rest of the design ceiling fans you can find on our website, our children's ceiling fans are energy-efficient. The energy consumption is lower compared to an air conditioner, as a ceiling fan can mean up to 90% energy savings on your bill.

Customizable fans for kids rooms

Would you like your children to have the perfect ceiling fan for their room? With our configurator, you can customize the children's ceiling fan to your liking by choosing the color of the blades, the motor, and much more. If you're looking for a model with a special design, we recommend the ceiling fan with retractable blades, which will add an original and secure touch to your home. Visit us and make your children's room unique!