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Pedestal fans

Floor fans have many advantages: they are oscillating, some have double height, are programmable and generate a powerful airflow. What's more, if they are silent floor fans with remote control like ours, so much the better. Choose the design you like best and enjoy the comfort they offer.

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With the increasing innovation pace, we are presently in the age of numerous varieties. Small stuff like fans nowadays feature different variations and is guaranteed to get one that matches your requirements. You can choose between a high variety like: misting fans, tower fans or table fans.

Being different from ceiling fans, pedestal fans are not meant to be fixed on one place, and you can effortlessly move them about as per your wishes.

When buying pedestal fans, it is significant to think prudently about what you need it to do and where it's intended to be placed. 

Advantages of pedestal fans

  • Effortless to transfer: Pedestal fans are exceptionally lightweight and portable. Consequently, different from ceiling fans, they can be relocated back and forth, which implies that one can keep them anywhere you want and turn it by basically plugging the switch inside the socket.
  • Multi-purpose: With the progression in expertise, humanity is full of numerous inventions. The discovery of an Air Conditioner is an example. This excellent development did present a revolution. Though, an AC likewise comes with a plethora of drawbacks such as power usage. Whereas the pedestal fan is cost-effective plus can be relocated from one area to another devoid of any stress, it is also eco-friendly. The cost of maintenance is likewise less different from AC.
  • Modern pedestal fans: State-of-the-art pedestal fans nowadays feature remote controls that permit you to control the quickness with the aid of a remote without having to move from where you are. Currently they are obtainable with a preference of diverse heights that can be attuned as per users' requisites.

Things to deliberate before purchasing a stand fan

It is alright to state that the marketplace is teeming with many pedestal fans to select from. Here are several things to bear in mind ahead of making a choice:

  • Level of noise: It is very distracting and nerve-racking to have to accommodate a noisy fan. And for those who have had a fan such as this one in the past, you certainly wish to sidestep this type in the subsequent purchase. Noise levels could rely on the speeds fan and/or modes. Therefore, you might discover that the fan has library-quiet noise at low settings and then at higher speeds it starts roaring. One way to keep the noise level in check is to find out what the reviews say and also be on the lookout for how many decibels it produces. A 47-decibel fan shall not possibly distract your slumber.
  • Fan Forms: Several fans have one, two, or extra modes to select from. A fan mode is just a feature that permits you pick the sort of airflow you want. Characteristically, there are 3 regular fan modes. To find the superior of the 3, it is commendable to buy the floor fan that has all three modes. There is the natural type that imitates the relaxed airflow of a natural gust. Then we have the reduction style that emulates truly light breeze. The wind type creates airflow akin to a wind gust and shall be apt for those hot evenings.
  • Remote control: Everyone loves comfort particularly the remote-controlled fan such as the pedestal fan. The users can lie on their bed, sit on the couch or be at whichever expanse away from the fan plus be capable to control the fan if it is bought with the remote control.

Other types of fans

Additionally, if you want to maximize your comfort without complications, don't forget to explore our selection of fans with remote control. These devices are designed to provide you with maximum freshness with minimal effort. Relax and use the remote control to adjust the ventilation to your liking from any corner of the room.