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Electric convectors

Electric convectors are the best system for heating your home and keeping it at the optimum temperature during the winter. They are devices that heat quickly and efficiently, without emitting hardly any sound, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. Consult our extensive catalogue and get your electric convector heater at the best price.

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About Convector Heaters

It is a household appliance designed to heat the premises with the use of electricity. It uses air convection currents to generate and spread heating. It works by heating up the air, causing it to increase in volume and rise. This heater may take a little longer go work but can be easily controlled by a timer and a thermostat, so that you don’t overheat the room thus saving you money. They are also energy efficient as convector radiators, and are exceptionally effective.  Convectors are quiet, making this type of heater suitable for permanent heating. Some models can be mounted on the wall, ideal if you want to make the switch to electric heating.

Benefits of a convection heater

They are great at heating a room for an extended period of time. The heaters transfer the heat they generate directly to people and objects and remain to be the best choice in rooms where people remain in line of sight of the heater. The smaller heaters are designed to heat individual rooms. Convection heaters provide heating evenly to the room they are installed in, eliminating the chance of drafts and cold spots because the air spreads out naturally from the heater, rising to the top of the room before coming down and spreading out. You can customize your heating needs based on where you are in your home and the current temperature of that room. The heaters operate quietly, thus allowing you to enjoy heat throughout the day and night without having constant buzzing going on and without having to worry about clanking and fans waking you up in the middle of the night. You need the best air conditioning system to enjoy these benefits.

How convectors work?

You may need the heating system within your home to provide adequate amounts of warmth since heat is a necessity that you can’t live without when temperatures drop. A convection heater allows you to heat your home without the use of a traditional heater. Before using this heater, it is essential that you have the knowledge on how it works to produce heat. Not every heater works the same way to provide warmth in any space. Some offer other features that allow the enhancement of heat production. Smaller than normal convection heaters rely on forced air to help quicken up the production of heat instead of traditional convection currents. This convection heater often has a blower fan which disperses the cold air in a room onto the hot cool and the result is hot air being moved throughout the space as it becomes heated. When buying the convector, ensure that it has a power regulation controller which allows you to increase or decrease its power depending on your needs. Economical convectors help in reducing heating costs depending on the area size or temperature of outside air. There are three types of electric convector heater by placement.

Types of convector heaters

  • aluminum radiator
  • ceramic heater
  • oil filled radiator

You can mount these heaters on the wall or floor, or any other space convenient for your heating systems. Be sure to exercise caution since some materials used, such as ceramics, can be so delicate and can break if not handled well. Turn to these types of heaters for your home to experience peace of mind as you go about your daily activities.