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Patio heaters

Outdoor heaters allow you to make the most of your garden or terrace during the winter. With halogen infrared heat technology, our outdoor cookers emit no fumes and require no chemicals. With modern and sophisticated designs, they are the most efficient way to enjoy a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

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Outdoor Heating for a Comfortable and Relaxed Environment

When the thermometer drops close to freezing, spending time outside relaxing becomes an almost impossible idea. However, winter has its own charms and spending time outside is just as important in the colder months as it is in the summer. Whether it is spending time watching the moon and the stars or the desire to share a meal with friends and family, the patio is a space that should be enjoyed all year round. The same is true for the outside spaces of professional buildings. In both cases, the best way to utilise the spaces is to use an outdoor heater like an electric patio heater.

Outdoor Heating Models

  • Outdoor gas heating: A patio heater in this category is mainly composed of a mechanical piezo system that acts as a starter. They incorporate a concentrate of propane or butane, the nature of the gas being able to change from one model to another. Outdoor gas heaters can be freestanding columns or table models and are suitable for outdoor reception areas. They are able to heat the space for 11 hours or less, depending on the model. Operating with a radiant system, they cover approximately 5 square meters and heat both objects and people.
  • Electric patio heating: Electric patio heating comes in design forms identical to that of gas heating equipment for outdoors. The difference is in the fuel. Here, electricity replaces gas and we are dealing with a halogen lamp above which is a reflector. The reflector has the function of diffusing the heat generated by the lamp with its infrared radiation system. Electric outdoor heaters are available in several variations depending on the size of the space you want to heat. They generally have a thin and elongated shape.
  • Outdoor patio fireplace: Outdoor fireplaces fully heat the outdoor environment in which you use them. Often designed in stainless steel, they can also be framed with tiles, bricks or even natural stone. With a high heat radiating capacity, they are suitable for both your outdoor kitchen and your garden. Versatile, outdoor heaters can use wood or gas as fuel. The fireplaces used for patio heating mostly have large dimensions and are made of cast iron or clay. They are characterized by an open side and have a small funnel at the top. The outdoor fireplaces operate on solid fuel and have good wind resistance.

Choosing the right outdoor heater: factors to consider

Since the area is exposed to elements such as wind and water, patio heating must be made of a resistant material. You will be able to store your heating device when the weather comes and bring it out at the end of winter, being sure to benefit regardless. Stainless steel is one of the most resistant materials. The shape of the heating equipment is also a parameter to take into account, compact, stable and space-saving models being the most practical. The autonomy of the outdoor heater and the surface it can heat must also be taken into account. Also, prioritize systems that meet environmental standards and base the installation requirements on the garden power tools you have available.