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Electric oil radiators

Oil radiators are the most efficient form of low consumption heating on the market, as when their thermostat reaches the desired temperature, they continue to emit heat without consuming energy, thanks to the radiant heat of their oil panels. Consult our extensive catalogue to buy oil radiators at the best price.

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What should you know before buying an oil filled radiator?

The oil heater has everything to heat households. It is the heating system par excellence for a small area. In addition, it diffuses a gentle heat for everyday comfort. The summer is all about the air conditioning system but for winter the best oil filled radiator is the premium choice. Of course, there are other electric heating system options like an aluminum radiator a ceramic heater or a convector heater. Follow the guide for more details on this device.

A system with simple but effective technology

The operation of an oil radiator is based on the principle of inertia. This device is filled with mineral oil which it heats. Thanks to its metallic structure, it then slowly heats the surrounding air. This equipment is only intended as a backup heater. This means that it is used in addition to the main heating system. This type of radiator consists of:

  • A metal envelope
  • Electric heaters
  • Heat transfer liquid

The oil filled radiator is seen as the most efficient heating system in its class. Most often, it is mounted on casters for easier use.
For operation, the resistors start by heating the oil. The heat transfers to the walls of the radiator. Heat is then distributed by convection to the ambient air. Thanks to a thermostat, it is possible to control the energy consumption and the temperature of the appliance.

Advantages of the Oil Radiator

First, an oil filled radiator does not dry the air because it is not in direct contact with the heating element. Then, it does not cause any noise. Indeed, the oil radiator does not contain any moving mechanical element.
Just plug the device into the mains to benefit from a wonderful heat source. Being mobile, this device can be moved from one room to another. The models currently available are equipped with a carrying handle for easy movement.
Another advantage of this device is the possibility of maintaining small temperature differences. Temperature differences should not exceed 3°C to reduce energy consumption. 

Maintenance of an Oil Filled Radiator

The power of an oil radiator remains variable. It starts at 400 watts and reaches up to 2,500 watts. The device is equipped with an electronic thermostat for temperature adjustments. In terms of accessories, the manufacturer can integrate other interesting options such as anti-tip protection or overheating protection.
Simple dusting is enough to clean the radiator. The goal is to remove dust that tends to collect on the surface of the device. This process does not require the use of specific products. A soft, dry cloth is sufficient. As a precaution, always unplug it before cleaning. Of course, it is best to store the radiator in a clean, dry place when it will not be used for a long time.