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Retro style industrial floor fan, shaped like a briefcase and made of stainless steel. With 90W of power and 3 speeds, it is perfect to place it anywhere in the home where you need to generate a great flow of fresh air instantly.


With 90W of power and 3 speeds , this fan is designed to ventilate and cool the environment of large rooms in just a few seconds thanks to the powerful air jet it generates.

It reaches up to 1350 revolutions per minute at maximum power instantly, and thanks to its carrying handle, it will be very easy to place it in the area of your home that requires it the most.

Its 4 aluminum blades generate a constant air flow that moves up to 5756 m³ of air per hour, constantly renewing and acclimating the air in the room where it is placed.

The stainless steel body , its square design and the shape of its legs give this fan great safety and stability, as well as a very long service life. You can place it on the floor or, higher on a table.

Use it as an extractor of warm and stale air by directing the airflow out of the room first. In this way, it will cool large rooms much better when you orient it in the desired direction.