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Ventilation and heating in 1 single device. Silence and design united to air conditioning your home. An oscillating bladeless tower fan that allows you to choose the ventilation you need at any time of the year. Equipped with a brushless DC motor more efficient and durable than conventional motors.


Powers: in fan mode it reaches 30W and develops up to 10 speeds. In heating mode it has 1800W of power and 4 speeds. Recommended for stays of up to 15m².

Design: Bladeless and therefore much quieter than conventional fans, The latest design meets modern functionality and features to offer you a high-performance oscillating fan and heater.

Easy to use: With LED display and remote control for greater comfort of use, it has an oscillation angle of 80 ° and a 1.8m long cable, so you can place it where it suits you best.

Safety: Manufactured with strong and durable materials, such as its Brushless DC motor, which, having no brushes, withstands less wear and extends its useful life. Furthermore, the fan body is made of Flame Retardant ABS.

Functional: In fan mode it generates 7300rpm and an air flow of 4.5 m / min to effectively ventilate your rooms. In heating mode it reaches 5800 rpm silently so that you only notice pleasant comfort.