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KENNY, the new oscillating ceramic heater with 2000W heating power, is ideal for heating small spaces in your home quickly, simply and more efficiently thanks to PTC technology, which automatically adjusts the temperature to avoid consuming more than necessary. It has a controllable thermostat, ventilation function and 2 power modes, and it’s lightweight, portable, and oscillating, so it can warm any room faster and better. The KENNY also has a double safety system to prevent overheating and overturning, so you can really rest easy.

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With its innovative modern design, the new Kenny oscillating ceramic heater is perfect for fast, efficient and very comfortable heating. Thanks to its ceramic heating technology, Kenny is much more efficient and longer-lasting than conventional heaters and radiators, and it’s also small, lightweight and easy to move around.

This IKOHS oscillating heater can heat a space in a few seconds thanks to its PTC heater, consisting of small ceramic cells with self-limiting temperature controls, making it much more efficient than conventional heaters. It’s also safer and more economical to run, as the honeycomb-shaped PTC panels heat up faster and distribute the air more precisely.

The Kenny heater has two safety systems: one to prevent overheating, and the other to prevent it toppling over. It oscillates slowly to distribute the air better, it’s very quiet and has an innovative modern design, ideal for heating rooms quickly, and thanks to its small size and light weight, you can easily take it anywhere you want.