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Ceiling fans

Renew the atmosphere and aesthetics of any room with CREATE modern ceiling fans. Discover the wide variety of ceiling fans with remote control and give a touch of elegance to your rooms. Silence, design and freshness guaranteed.

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Fans are essential house appliances to have, especially during the summer season. They play a vital role in improving ventilation and cooling effect in a house. Among the most loved fans are the ceiling fans. This type of fan is that which is installed on the ceiling of a house or a room and can be controlled using a switch on the walls or a remote controller. In our today world, these types of fans have also been improvised to add value to our houses. Some of them have lights with them, and they come in various designs that decorate the house.

Features of a Good Ceiling Fan

  • Large Blade Size: Ceiling fans are the only type of fans that have extra-large blades compared to other types of fans. The blade sizes increase the surface area of air circulation in the room when they rotate. They help in ensuring proper ventilation of the room. It is also an essential factor that you should consider when purchasing your fan. The size of the blade that you want your fan to have is determined by the size of your room in square meters.
  • Mounting Position Options: Most of the fans installed in ceilings come with various mounting position options, unlike the floor fan and table fan. The options will help you choose the right fan for your house because some ceilings are high above the ground while others are near the ground. The mounting options include angled, flush or down rod.
  • Reversible Motors: These fans also have reversible motors which make it easier for you to control the circulation of the fan. During summer you can use the ceiling fan remote with control to make the fan motor rotate counterclockwise while during winter you can change the rotation into clockwise. This will help you to maintain a steady flow of cool and warm air in your house throughout the year and save energy too.
  • Pull Chains: As stated earlier that modern ceiling fans are also equipped with lights, pull chains help in controlling the lightening as well as the speed of rotation. Besides the pull chains, you will also be offered a ceiling fan with remote control or wall switches that will aid you in controlling your fan.
  • Colour Options: Different brands of the fans offer a variety of colours of their products. Some are black, silver, and brown, bronze, among many other colours. It is you the buyer to select the colour that is pleasing before your eyes.

Advantages of Ceiling Fans

  • Great Airflow: Excellent air circulation is enhanced by the broad blades of the fan and the position where it is mounted. It is the best option to have as it ensures a steady flow of air during winters and summers, unlike a pedestal fan or a tower fan.
  • Multipurpose: Apart from providing efficient ventilation in the room, it also includes lightning that provides security in your house. A misting fan do not have lightning as they are designed only to serve their role and not any other. You will save energy and money when you purchase a fan.
  • Controllable Speed: You can control the speed of the blades by using a remote controller or switches so that you get the desired amount of air circulation.
  • Cost-Effective: Fans can be a bit expensive during the initial purchase and installation, but afterwards, you will not incur any expense. It is a long term investment that will not call for any maintenance and repair every time.

Why to Purchase a Ceiling Fan? 

Purchasing a ceiling fan with remote control is crucial to help your home get enough ventilation and improve the value of your home.