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Ceiling fan with 40W DC motor, more efficient and durable than conventional motors. With Reverse function, increase your energy efficiency all year round by cooling in summer and distributing heat in winter. With natural palm leaf blades, 6 speeds and remote control. You can customize this fan to your liking, choosing if you want it without light, with selectable light (warm, neutral or cold) and also its height, since it comes with 2 interchangeable 15cm and 25cm support bars.

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Engine colour: White

Blade colour: Natural palm

Model: Without light

Wifi: No


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£ 265.95
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Increases energy efficiency with the summer/winter function

By changing the direction of blade rotation, when in summer mode it moves fresh air from the floor upwards, dissipating heat and cooling the room. When in winter mode, it evenly distributes heat from the heating accumulated near the ceiling.

In summer
Windlight Palm DC
In winter
Windlight Palm DC
Windlight Palm
A smart ceiling fan
Choose the WiFi option when purchasing and you’ll get a SMART fan. You’ll be able to control and program it with your mobile phone from anywhere thanks to our CREATE app.
Windlight Palm
6-speed copper DC motor
Its more efficient and durable motor can rotate at 6 speeds, generating different air flows so you can choose the option that best suits you at all times.
Windlight Palm
Silent ceiling fan
Its operation at low speed, in addition to its wide, natural palm blades mean it is particularly silent when running. You can install it in your bedrooms and use it while you sleep.
Windlight Palm
Full control and programmable timer
You can do everything with the remote control, such as programming the timer from 1 h to 8 h so that the fan turns off automatically after the selected time has elapsed.
Windlight Palm
A designer ceiling fan
Fan with natural, wide palm blades and brushed stainless steel body. Combines perfectly with many decoration styles.
Windlight Palm
Ceiling fan with dimmer light
If you choose to buy the ceiling fan with a light, you’ll be able to regulate the intensity of the three colour temperatures of its 15 W LED — warm, neutral or cool — and create the atmosphere you're looking for.
Windlight Palm
With double selectable height
This fan model includes 2 supporting bars measuring 15 cm and 25 cm so you can place it at the most convenient distance from the ceiling. It also includes a user manual and an assembly manual.
Windlight Palm
Perfect for different rooms within the home
With a diameter of 132 cm, this ceiling fan is perfect for ventilating and acclimatising various interior spaces in the home of approximately 13 m² to 25 m² in size.


Customizable ceiling fan that you can choose from: with or without light (3 adjustable light tones), with or without WiFi connectivity (see availability) and height from the ceiling

Ultrasilent 40W 153 * 15mm DC motor. DC motors are much more efficient (they consume up to 70% less than AC motors) and durable, since they use energy directly without losses and develop better power.

Winter/Summer function: DC motors allow the reverse rotation of the blades, which allows you to lower the temperature of a room by up to 5º in summer and redistribute the hot air accumulated in the ceiling in winter.

With 6 speeds it can reach up to 165rpm, generating an air flow that moves 152m³/min. You will only feel the air it generates since it is extremely silent at any of its speeds.

It has a 1h, 2h, 4h and 8h timer, natural palm leaf blades, it is perfect for interior rooms of up to 28m².

If you choose the model with WiFi you will be able to handle it comfortably from your Smartphone thanks to our APP, and put it to work at any time and from anywhere.

If you choose to include the LED ceiling light in your ceiling fan, you will have 3 color temperatures; warm, neutral and cold selectable and adjustable in intensity (Dimmable), with a light output equivalent to 15W of power.

All our fans include a remote control, a product manual and an assembly manual to facilitate their installation. Choose the height of your fan by installing the extension rod that suits you best and get ready to enjoy it.