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Blenders are one of the indispensable small appliances in the home kitchen. Personal blenders, hand blenders, portable beaters, American-style power blenders and, often, electric blenders that are a small food processor or food processor. Check out all the blenders in our wide range.

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A blender is a kitchen equipment that is used to puree, mix or liquefy food as well as other substances. Most blenders have a container with rotating blades at the bottom and they are usually powered by an electric motor at the base. There are different models of blenders and some are more powerful with the capability of crushing ice and foods that are frozen. There are other versions of blenders known as stand mixers that are immersed into containers to mix several ingredients easily. In addition, you can choose a cold press juicer if you want to liquefy fruits and vegetables or a mini blender if you wish to easily take your smoothies away.

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Factors to consider when buying a blender

When one is purchasing one of these kitchen appliances, they should consider:

  • Facility of use.
  • Visible measurements that are easy to read.
  • Facility of cleaning.
  • Low noise during its usage.
  • The power of its motor depending with what the user wants and needs.
  • The pulse option.

The choice of blenders depends on what the consumer want and needs. Even cheap blenders can cater for the needs of the consumer as long as they are performing the basic functions.

Types of blenders

There are two types of blenders:

  • Jug blenders: This blender has a blending container that has a capacity of 1-2 liters. Most of these blenders' containers are made of glass, plastic or stainless steel material. The glass container is the most ideal as it does not absorb the smell of the food that has been blended however it can easily break especially during cleaning. The plastic container can easily scratch and it is prone to absorbing the smell of food. While there are containers made of stainless steel, it is hard to see the foods as it is being blended. Different blenders come with different blending speeds, they mostly range between 3-16 speed settings. Some of this cheap blenders have removable blades that are mostly fitted in an O-shaped ring or a gasket that is located between the container and the base. The gasket is used to prevent the contents from spilling during the blending process. The container of a blender is shaped in such a way that it will help in the easy movement of food or whatever is being blended. This helps the contents to easily circulate instead of just moving around. For this type of blenders, there are high powered and low powered blenders. The low powered blenders require one to add some liquid to ease the blending process. High powered blenders have powerful motors that can easily grind and crush hard substances. Due to the high power, it is considered the best blender for commercial use.
  • Hand blenders: The hand blender does not have a container of its own. They are hand held and have a head with rotating blades at the bottom. When using it, one can immerse it in a bowl especially if the material to be blended cannot fit in a bowl or it is too hot to be put inside a jug blender. When operating this type of a blender, the operator needs to hold down the switch for as long as the blades operate. These blenders are ideal for small tasks that other types of blenders cannot handle. Blenders can be used for a wide range of activities but the best blender is one which meets the consumer's needs.