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Blender - Slow juicer

The juice extracted by a slow juicer, or cold-pressed blender, is the highest quality juice we can obtain. The cold press juicer keeps intact all the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the juice extracted from fruits, vegetables and cereals, so they are much more beneficial to our health.

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If you're looking for a healthier start to your morning routine, it could be time to check out our new range of cold press juicers. With one of the best selections of kitchen appliances and slow juicers in the UK, we're sure you'll find a design that's right for you.

Slow juicers for health and fitness

A juicer is one of the UK top gift ideas this year, and it's easy to see why. Clean eating and raw foods are right on-trend, and for once the health benefits are living up to the hype. We'd all love to enjoy a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables in our diets, and a cold press juicer could be the perfect way for you to get more of that natural goodness into your busy daily routine.

Using a new cold press or an electric juicer machine couldn't be easier. Simply choose your preferred mix of fresh, seasonal fruits, or experiment to find your new favourite blends - for example, orange and other citrus fruits can give you a zesty and vitamin-packed boost that helps to support your body's normal immune system. Try a short shot of juice as an intense pick-me-up before or after morning exercise; you can even mix in powdered supplements like spirulina or nutritious sprinkles on the top.

Cold Press Juicer: Style and performance in one

Many of these designs are compact enough to store away easily in a kitchen cupboard, but with a range of sleek modern styles, you'll be happy to have them sitting conveniently on your kitchen worktop. Practical, powerful and easy to clean, this new generation of juicers does a lot of the hard work for you, preparing delicious juices that are ready to drink. If you're tired of 'from concentrate' drinks and ready to cut down on added sugar, try some of this new juicing technology for yourself!

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We love our slow juicers and wouldn't swap them for anything! But that doesn't mean there aren't lots of other ideas to consider.

  • If you're keen on an all-round appliance, why not take a closer look at a blender from our kitchen range. With heavy-duty performance and power for a whole range of food preparation, they come in handy for literally hundreds of different recipes, from chopping to blending sauces - and many of them come with a juicing attachment too!
  • If you love a ready-to-go heath drink, or even an occasional super-indulgent malted milkshake, maybe a specialist smoothie blender is the right choice for you. Quick to set up and use, and with an impressively small footprint on a busy kitchen surface, they're fun and practical. Some enable you to add frozen berries as well as fruit, making the prep even easier. Add frozen yoghurt or non dairy alternative for an even richer blend.  You could be enjoying silky and creamy smoothies almost instantly.
  • From making velvety rich soups to grinding a handful of fresh coffee beans for the cafetiere, the perfect hand blender would be at the top of many people's must-have kitchen appliance list.