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Cake mixer

Perfect to help you make baking recipes with ease, the cake mixer machine is almost like a food processor. With a colourful retro design, its mixing bowl is made of food-grade stainless steel of the highest quality. Easy to use and, above all, easy to clean.

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If you need to blend ingredients together for cakes, sauces or smoothies, you've come to the right place. We offer a comprehensive collection of electric hand whisk and larger models, helping bakers create masterpieces every time. These handy devices have plenty of uses that could be game changers for home chefs. For instance:

  • Blending ingredients together to make the perfect cake or dough mix is tough work. But with the right electric whisk, you can find the perfect consistency every time.
  • Whisks are also a great tool for smoothie addicts. Mixed with blenders, whisks can process pulpy fruits and turn them into nutrient bombs.
  • They are great for preparing sauces. If you are blending eggs, flour and milk to create a bechamel sauce, you'll want to mix the ingredients as smoothly as possible and for that you'll need an electric whisking device.
  • Whisks can also be used to make meringues - the light, crispy desserts which go so well with strawberries and cream during the summer.
  • Whisks can also mix oils and vinegars for salad vinaigrettes and even fresh mayonnaise. If you thought condiments had to be store bought, you're in for a surprise. Home-made versions are almost always tastier than alternatives, and they are easy to make with stand mixers featuring whisk attachments.

Basically, wherever liquids need to be combined together, or where flour and fats need to be fused, you can be sure that an electric hand whisk will be useful.

Discover our Cake Mixer Machines

Now we know a bit more about what whisks can do, it's time to pick the perfect style for your kitchen. First up, our kitchen appliances catalogue includes a range of colourful stand whisks. All of them feature rotation systems, which can process ingredients at six different speeds. The bowls are made from stainless steel and have a capacity of 5 litres - enough to deal with almost any home baking recipe. Using our mixers couldn't be easier. Just attach the whisk, fill the bowl, and press the button. And if you like, you can also get creative with funny cooking attachments. Users can add a variety of attachments, including salad tossers, and sausage mincers, while the kneader attachment makes our stand whisks some of the best pastry mixer devices around.

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On the other hand, sometimes small is beautiful. If you don't feel the need for a large stand whisk, we also offer more lightweight options in the form of hand blenders. These devices come with efficient whisk attachments, and can be placed inside large bowls or the containers on our glass blenders if you have one. Models like the Stylance Pro or Fullmix Titan Pro offer multiple speeds, putting you in control as you create cakes and sauces. And there are even options for smoothie or protein shake fans, such as the Fullmix Stylance with Blendy - our special drinks bottle which doubles up as a blending chamber.

Match Up Whisks and Other Accessories for Your Kitchen

Whether you want a hand whisk or a larger pastry mixer, our online store is the place to find premium kitchen appliances that will get the job done. Our collection ranges from personal blenders for sports fans, to smoothie-friendly glass blenders and heavy-duty rotary varieties for serious bakers. Find the right model and change the way you cook forever.

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