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Stock pots

Cocotte style pans. Complete your retro design cookware with our pastel coloured pots and pans. They are made of high-density aluminium, bakelite handles and a non-stick coating free of PTFE and PFOA. Our induction pans are also suitable for all other types of hobs.
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Kitchen makeover with Stockpots

The pots are fantastic multi-purpose cookware. The cooking pot has modern, stainless steel, stylish look. It’s an inspiration from the traditional cooking pots; the only difference is, Stockpots are slightly improved for easier and faster cooking. Example some unique features such as the bottoms made of layers of various metals to enhance heat conduction. Most stockpots have the following features;

  • Have a flat-like base.
  • The sides are straight-like and fitted with two handles on the sides.
  • Its opening is vast, to a total diameter.
  • It’s made of stainless steel, aluminium, copper, metal material.

The stock pots non stick

These pots are best for slow cooking. The pots have a stylish lid coverage, fitted handle at its top to make your cooking fun. The finishing is of a non stick eases the cleaning and maintenance of the stockpot. The slow process ensures food is well cooked and the nutrients, flavours, and colours are maintained. They are very durable due to the different steel, and aluminium layers used to make them. They are readily available in all sizes at our online stores.

  • It’s of the aluminium core material.
  • It has a non stick finishing for ease of care,
  • The lid is of vented glass with a handle fitting.
  • It can be washed on a dishwasher or by hand with ease.
  • They have a large capacity of up to 12 litres.
  • The pots have high versatility

Stockpots for induction hob

These types of stockpots are best to cook with when you are in a hurry. They are fast cooking pots and good time-saving cookware. The stock pots for induction hobs are more improvised and unique, for example, the pots have the ability to change the boiling process when cooking to simmering.

The stock pots for induction hobs are of a copper-like material and slightly aluminium and steel. When cooking, it emits lesser heat from the copper coils at the cooktop; its cooling is excellent and well distributed on the pot. The copper layer makes it easy to wash almost immediately after cooking. They are available in all sizes.

  • It has a measurable volume value, i.e. 12 litres.
  • It’s made of copper metal material.
  • It’s made uniquely designed and does not need an open flame when cooking or a consistent lid opening to monitor the cooking food.
  • It is fast and time-saving.
  • It has a lid with a handle fitted.
  • It uses electricity (heating the copper coils to cook).

stock pots for sale

Stockpots have excellent money-saving aspects and save your time when both cooking and also when washing them. The cookwares are or less similar to each other but there are slight variations in each; most of them are;

  • Stockpots are made using an aluminium core. This is due to its outstanding conductivity in heat, meaning the food is evenly cooked.
  • They are made of aluminium core, copper, or metal materials.
  • They are of different sizes.
  • They are made with handles on the side for ease and safety.
  • They have lids fitted with a top handle.
  • The stock pots are made of stainless steel or as a nonstick.

The pots are used for cooking all kinds of foods, i.e., stews, vegetables, porridge, boiled foods, and many more. Discover quality Stockpots from our online store at affordable prices and buy while stocks last pans non stick and pots and pan set non stick.