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Popcorn Machines

With the popcorn machines you can enjoy the unmistakable taste of freshly popped popcorn in just 3 minutes while watching a movie on your sofa. The popcorn popper is a popcorn machine that works without fats or oil. A different and fun way to have popcorn whenever you want.

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Popcorn Makers Types and Essential Properties

Popcorn machines are crucial in making tasty popcorns that are not burnt or with unpopped kernels. The popcorn popper is useful for small-scale or large-scale production of popcorns. Other vital machines in your home include; waffle ironsice cream maker machines, stand mixers and electric pizza makers.

When selecting a popcorn machine for sale in the market, you need to consider the type of device and some other critical properties. A good machine produces high-quality popcorns within a short duration and is durable.

Types of Popcorn Making Machines

Microwave Popcorn Machines

The microwave popcorn maker is either made from non-toxic glass, silicone, or plastic. The device is simply a bowl that you place in your microwave full of kernels. You can opt to add oil or heat the kernels without oil. The popcorn popper produces popcorn within minutes. The main advantage of this device is that it is very affordable and easy to use.

Hot Air Popcorn Poppers

The device relies on heated air to heat the kernels. It also contains a fan system strategically placed in the compartment. The hot air popcorn popper will shoot well-cooked popcorns after a few minutes. The machines are energy-efficient and cook the kernels efficiently and produce well-popped popcorns. Problems such as the burning of the kernels are eradicated as the heat levels are well regulated.

Stovetop Popcorn Machine

The popcorn makers contain a specialized pot that includes a metal rod for stirring up the kernels. The stovetop model is the best for producing high-quality popcorns. It is made of stainless steel, which is rust and scratch-free and very easy to clean. You can also control the temperature level, making it ideal for roasting other snack foods such as beans and nuts.

Essential Properties of Popcorn Making Machines

The Kettle Size

The kettle size of a popcorn machine will dictate the amount of popcorn your device will produce. A machine with a large kettle size will accommodate more kernels, thus creating more popcorn. A kettle size of 4oz to 6oz is the best for use in small offices or your home. 8oz to 14oz machines are ideal for a larger number of people, for instance, in gas stations. While the 16oz to 20oz is the most recommended for large institutions such as schools.

Expansion Rate

The expansion rate measures the volume increase when the kernels heat up and pop up as popcorns. To determine a specific machine's expansion rate, calculate the original volume of kernels vs. the popcorns produced. If a device has an expansion rate of 38, adding one cup of the kernel will yield approximately 38 cups of popcorns.

Popcorn making machine with an expansion rate of 40-44 will yield the best results. An expansion rate of less than 35 will produce low-quality popcorns that are a bit chewy. Expansion rate above 45 will generate very brittle popcorns that break very easily.

Moisture Content

The quality of the popcorn is very dependent on the moisture content. A machine with a moisture content of an average of 13% to 14.5% is the best. However, if you are using smaller kernels, you might require a higher moisture content for a higher expansion rate.


Materials used to make the popcorn poppers determine the durability and efficiency of a machine. Stainless steel and aluminium are the best materials for making the bases and corners of the device. The two materials are corrosion resistant and very durable. Stainless steel is the best as it hassle-free to clean and retain its original material for an extended period.

The best materials for making the cases of the machine makers are either plexiglass or tempered glass. The two will sustain high levels of heat and are also very durable.