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MOI STUDIO - Blender with portable cup

Grinds and emulsifies

Its 230W of power and stainless steel blades even allow you to add nuts to your smoothies, while still obtaining a smooth and creamy result. It doesn't crush ice, but if you thaw frozen fruit you can also use them.

MOI STUDIO - Blender with portable cup

Cup with 400ml capacity

Choose your ingredients, prepare your drink, and finally, change the lid on the cup from the one with blades to the travel lid. It has a folding handle to hang it on your backpack and a mouthpiece so that you can take a drink any time you want.

MOI STUDIO - Blender with portable cup

Dishwasher safe

It's really easy to clean, just add a drop of soap and squeeze as if you were making a smoothie. After that, all you've got to do is rinse it with water. What's more, both the glass and the blades can be put in the dishwasher.

MOI STUDIO - Blender with portable cup

Respectful of your health

Its cup is free from BPA and other toxins. In addition, you can also purchase replacement cups in different colours.

MOI STUDIO - Blender with portable cup

Access hundreds of recipes

In our online recipe book, which you can access from our App or website, you’ll find a wide variety of recipes that you can filter by: type of dish, diet, chef, type of food, ingredients, etc. There are hundreds of possibilities!

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