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Capsule coffee maker

In the world of capsule coffee machines, we have a jewel of style and design, just for coffee lovers. The most compact and versatile automatic multi-capsule espresso machine on the market. It accepts the best brands and models of capsules, as well as ground coffee. Perhaps the best of the capsule coffee machines.

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Coffee pod machines are espresso makers which are ideally suited to people that love coffee but want a machine that is easy to use and maintain. Since they were first introduced in the mid-2000s, these coffee machines have revolutionised home and office coffee culture. Now, they have all but replaced the traditional filter coffee machines.

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How does a Pod Coffee Maker work?

Pod machines allow for the quick and easy creation of coffee. They operate via a pressure percolator system and as such, function as a simple espresso machine. As a bonus, the coffee capsules come in a wide range of flavours and varieties and sometimes other drinks are available such as hot chocolate or tea infusions.

Some of the coffee pod machines are limited to only accept coffee capsules made by the same brand as created the machine. However, many of the best coffee pod machines are capable of accepting a range of pod from different brands.

Why are Coffee Pod Machines so popular?

The best capsule coffee machines have plenty of advantages over other types of coffee makers:

  • Its ease of use: In the space of a few seconds, a coffee pod offers you a very well proportioned and tasty coffee. There is no need to measure out the coffee because the pod always contains the required volume. Still, some pods allow you to prepare several cups successively.
  • Its versatility: The pod coffee machine is a big hit with its multi-drink mode. Depending on the model, it is capable of making cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato and many other varieties of coffee. In addition, it can be used for both home and professional use.
  • Its innovative design: The coffee machine is very attractively designed. Thanks to its neat lines and its wonderful colour schemes, the pod coffee maker will not fail to offer cachet in your kitchen or on the counter of your bistro.

Are there Differences Between Capsule and Coffee Pod Machines?

Yes, there are indeed differences between the pod coffee machine and the capsule coffee machine. These two coffee machines are mainly distinguished by the containers they use for coffee.

  • The pod: Generally, the pod contains 7 grams of ground coffee, hermetically packed between two layers of filter. This pod keeps for a very long time without its flavour being altered. There is no need to adjust the amount of coffee. In addition, conservation in a pod is entirely ecological. The pod is reusable, but you have to think about equipping yourself with the device that allows you to pack the coffee inside. Unfortunately, if the pressure is less than 10 bars, the coffee cannot be considered a real espresso.
  • The capsule: Made with plastic or aluminium, the capsule also has a capacity of 7 grams. For a capsule coffee maker, a minimum pressure of 15 bars is required to obtain real espresso coffee. Like the pod, there is no need to adjust the amount of coffee. The capsules offer a wide choice of drinks and flavours. It should be noted that the cost of capsules is slightly higher than that of pods. Nor can they be purchased easily at any store. The capsule must be the same brand as the machine it will be used in.

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