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THERA RETRO - Espresso coffee maker

Semi-automatic coffee maker

Use its thermometer to reach the perfect coffee temperature. This coffee maker heats up rapidly as well thanks to its 20-bar pressure pump, so that you can make coffee in just a few minutes. It also has a safety valve with automatic pressure release.

THERA RETRO - Espresso coffee maker

For ground coffee and ESE 55mm pods

It’s compatible with ground coffee as well as ESE 55mm pods. You can also make two coffees at the same time thanks to its double spouts. It has a 1.25 L removable water tank and a top tray for placing cups on.

THERA RETRO - Espresso coffee maker

Make luxury coffees

Espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, frappé… and many more. Choose your favourite coffee and add milk froth with its movable steam wand if you wish.

THERA RETRO - Espresso coffee maker

Easy to clean

Effortlessly clean its removable drip tray and all its accessories.

THERA RETRO - Espresso coffee maker

Complete your retro collection

Choose elements with the latest technology and vintage aesthetics to give personality to your home. Complete your retro collection with all the pieces you need to create a kitchen you can enjoy and feel good in.