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MILK FROTHER STUDIO - Milk Frother Heater

Practical and versatile

Prepare delicious hot and cold milk foam for your coffees and milk chocolate, or simply heat the milk for your breakfasts and snacks in a comfortable and simple way.

MILK FROTHER STUDIO - Milk Frother Heater

Perfect Capacity

With a total capacity of 580ml, this milk frother quickly prepares up to 350ml and a minimum of 100ml of whole milk or milk chocolate. You can also use it with soy milk if you prefer.

MILK FROTHER STUDIO - Milk Frother Heater

Frothing to the point, both hot and cold

Heats milk to about 75°C in just 2 minutes, hot foam at 65°C in a minute and a half, and cold foam in about 60 seconds. And if you want a delicious hot chocolate with milk, you will only need two and a half minutes.

MILK FROTHER STUDIO - Milk Frother Heater

Touch and simple

Thanks to its 4 automatic programs and its touch screen, this milk frother and heater is so easy to use that you only need to press a button to obtain the preparation that you most want at any time.

MILK FROTHER STUDIO - Milk Frother Heater

Easy to clean

The Milk Frother and Warmer's frothing attachments are easily removable, have a non-stick interior coating and a completely smooth exterior. So you can clean everything in a few seconds without any effort.

MILK FROTHER STUDIO - Milk Frother Heater

A safe design

Available in different pastel colors, the milk frother with transparent lid has a triple safety system (auto-off, boil dry, overheat), is free of substances such as BPA and has a 360° base with non-slip feet and cord wraps.

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