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Espresso machines

Coffee brewed by espresso machines, whether retro or modern, is probably the best flavoured and most aromatic coffee you can get. Choose from our catalogue of espresso machines the automatic, semi-automatic or super-automatic coffee machine that best suits your coffee tastes, from a manual espresso machine to a single-arm coffee machine with integrated grinder.

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What is an Espresso Coffee Machine?

An espresso is a special type of ground coffee which involves forcing water which is in the process of boiling through coffee beans. It is a premium type of coffee and as such you need to apply certain care when you create a cup of espresso coffee. But please note that any coffee machine is easy to operate, and the majority work by just a simple button press which takes a few minutes to master.  It's worth taking time to appreciate both the aroma and the flavour of a proper espresso coffee wherever you chose to drink it.

What Types of Espresso Machines Are There?

There will be something to suit at our online store whether you require a Barista style machine or a vintage design. The coffee pod machines available on our site are Potts, Barasmatic, Tazzia, Thera and Kaffeta Express. 

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What Are The Components Of A Barista Style Automatic Coffee Machine?

This specific product consists of the following.

  1. A multi-capsule design which allows you to make coffee from the best brands out there, which produce a top quality brew.
  2. A pressurized machine which improves the flavour of the coffee, creating a professional result using the traditional Italian principles of a Plump engine.
  3. A fully adjustable milk frother which allows you to make both cappuccinos and cafe lattes effortlessly any time you wish to your desired level of froth.
  4. A stainless steel finish to the Barista machine.
  5.  A double safety system which prevents both overheating and overpressurising of the coffee machine, giving you piece of mind.

Introducing The Vintage DesignEspresso Coffee Machine

This type of coffee machine, also called retro, creates an interesting statement to your kitchen, whether at home, work or in a studio. As well as creating espressos there are designs which allow you create your own smoothies and juices. Simple things like an adjustable drip tray help improve the experience and make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Please check to see if the parts of the machine are removable and washable; many machines do include this handy function for ease of use, which will mean you can spend more time relaxing with the coffee.

Other Forms of Automatic Coffee Machine

As well as Barista style machines and retro machines there are also more simplistic designs available which thanks to their practical shape fit in to any kitchen. Many machines are about efficiency in design and creating great espressos without using too much energy or electricity in doing so, allowing you to use the product every day. It should be pointed out that many of our products use a continental two pin plug but to allow you to operate them on the UK electricity network an adapter is included with every product for your convenience. Pleases explore the website to find out about other espresso products as coffee grinders.

And because we know that your favourite time of the day is enjoying a delicious breakfast, we have a wide range of toasters of all types to perfectly match your needs: mini toasters, long-slice toasters2 slice toastersstainless toasters and much more.
They will go perfectly with your espresso machine and start your day with the perfect match!

We certainly can't think of a better way to start the day than while you enjoy one of our coffees listening to that song that lifts your spirits and makes you feel like eating the world from very early in the morning. You can't miss our collection of vinyl records, find your favourite and enjoy the morning music with your coffee.