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HATTORI - electric kettle 0.5 L

Heats up and maintains the temperature.

0.5L-capacity kettle that brings the water to boiling point in just a few minutes, keeping it at the selected temperature thanks to its thermostat.

HATTORI - electric kettle 0.5 L

Japanese aesthetic

Mini water boiler in the Japanese style and aesthetic to always have boiling water ready for your infusions and consommés or even for your pot noodles.

HATTORI - electric kettle 0.5 L

Digital screen

A small digital screen shows you the progress and temperature of the water and lets you know when it reaches the desired temperature.

HATTORI - electric kettle 0.5 L

Resistant materials

Manufactured in high quality stainless steel for use with foodstuffs, leaves no strange odours and, of course, free of toxins like BPA.

HATTORI - electric kettle 0.5 L

Minimalist design

Automatic switch off in case it runs out of water. With a stable base and a compact and minimalist design so that it does not take up extra space in your kitchen.

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