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Outdoor ceiling fans

In our outdoor ceiling fans section you will find models designed for porches, balconies and terraces. Outdoor ceiling fans stand up well to changing weather conditions and provide decoration and comfort. Enjoy your CREATE outdoor ceiling fan in outdoor spaces that require ventilation.

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The outdoor ceiling fan is designed to function perfectly in areas of the home such as terraces, porches, garages, balconies, and any other place in your house that may be more exposed to the outdoors. The models we offer at CREATE are equally silent, energy-efficient, and customizable.

Degree of protection for outdoor ceiling fans

Thanks to the IP protection rating, we can determine how well a product is prepared to withstand various weather conditions, exposure to water, sunlight, etc. Whether we buy a small ceiling fan, a big fan, or fans for kids roooms, it is this IP rating that will tell us if it is an outdoor ceiling fan.

The IP rating refers to an international standard that establishes the degree of protection of electronic products against contact with materials that could damage them, such as water, dust, corrosion, etc. Therefore, when we look for an porch ceiling fan with light, we must always check its IP protection to ensure it is truly ready to function without problems. Discover our outdoor fans with IP44.

Advantages of having outdoor ceiling fans with lights

This kind of devices significantly enhances the comfort level of your terrace, balcony, or porch, as it not only provides silent ventilation but also reduces the relative humidity and stuffiness of the environment. Additionally, the airflow it generates keeps mosquitoes and other insects away. But that's not all, at CREATE, we have devices fans with lights so you can combine your lighting with the most efficient way to dissipate heat at any time of the day.

The outdoor porch fans we offer are energy-efficient, as the IP protection rating does not increase their consumption. The difference in energy consumption compared to an air conditioner means a 90% saving on your energy bill.  Moreover, the IP44 outdoor ceiling fan is more environmentally friendly than other cooling systems, as it does not use gases to cool the environment and is also cheaper to install than an air conditioner, which is more costly.

As for the design of these, you don't have to worry at all as we have models that will fit perfectly on your terrace or porch and will contribute to create a cosy and unique atmosphere. Our wooden ceiling fans will give that rustic and Mediterranean touch. And if your terrace has a sloping roof, we have specifically designed fans for sloping roofs. If you prefer your fan to be visible only when you need it, take a look at our fans with retractable blades, ideal for stealthy and concealed ventilation.

Connectivity of our outdoor ceiling fans

As you may already know, at CREATE, we have embraced connectivity, which is why we also offer models with WiFi. This way, you can use it even when you are not at home, start ventilating the area whenever you want, or simply illuminate the terrace or the space where it is installed. Many of its functionalities can be controlled through our CREATE APP, such as setting the timer for automatic shut-off, adjusting the speed of the fan blades' rotation, or switching the rotation direction.