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Aluminum radiators

Aluminum radiators work connected to electricity. They retain heat for a longer time and distribute the hot air evenly throughout the room. Therefore, they are one of the best options to keep your house acclimatized during winter. Choose one of ours aluminum radiators and create a warm and cozy climate at home.

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About aluminium radiators

If you are thinking of installing aluminium radiators, you are heading in the right direction. Aluminum radiators are quite effective compared to others because of the super qualities when it comes to conduction of heat. Moreover, aluminium is known to be much lighter than other metals, hence, quite appropriate for the manufacture of high-quality, lightweight but effective radiators. Consider the air conditioning system that offers efficiency and durability, and it has to include an aluminum radiator.

Benefits of aluminium radiators

  • They are environmentally friendly: The rising concerns about environmental degradation means that you have to find and use materials that don't harm mother earth. Aluminium is one such material because it doesn't release toxic materials into the environment.
  • Flexible: Aluminum Radiators are malleable. Whichever your interior design, you can always find a radiator with the shape and size that you desire.
  • Better conductors of heat: Aluminum, by its very nature, is one of the best conductors of heat. Radiators made of aluminum are more efficient coolers since they conduct heat quickly, and don't need to be ON all the time.
  • Long-lasting: These radiators are not prone to rusting, unlike other common metals. Your radiator will last a long time, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Cost-effective: the ability of this metal to heat up quickly means the radiator will use less energy to cool your rooms. Also, you don't have to keep it switched on all the time. Switch it off once the air is cool, and switch it back on when need arises again.

Types of radiators in the market

Before you go for a suitable heating system, you will need to find out and compare the different types of radiators available. Though they play the same role - to heat and cool your home - they may have different working mechanisms, prices and effectiveness. You may need to balance between cost and energy efficiency. Here are some common types of radiators you may wish to check out:

  1. Electric radiators: You don't have to worry so much if your home doesn't access the mains gas line. You can still stay warm by turning to electric radiators which use electricity to run. These radiators are quite efficient in converting electric energy into heat, and thus heating your rooms. If the high energy tariffs are not a problem to you, consider installing electric radiators.
  2. Mica radiators: These radiators use a heating element covered in thin sheets of mics to heat spaces. They produce both convectional and radiant heat, and are thinner than most other heaters. If you find these types of heaters appealing to you, you can go ahead and get the mica heater.
  3. Convector heaters: You can also enhance the heating systems in your home by getting the convector heater. Just like mica and aluminum heaters, these devices can warm your home during those cold days and nights, and can afford you silent nights. They are also long-lasting and energy efficient, so you won't have to worry about the cost of energy.
  4. Ceramic heaters: This heater is for those who are sure that their heating and cooling equipment will always stay out of reach of any prying hands. Ceramic is a fragile material, and you don't want anyone tampering with your radiator and draining your resources by breaking them. You can acquire the ceramic heater to upgrade your heating systems.
  5. Oil radiators: You may also want to consider an oil filled radiator because of its efficiency and durability. This radiator is also easy to maintain as oil does not require much attention. But you have to be sure to replace it after sometime when it gathers impurities.