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Smart technology for your home

Take care of your home with the new IKOHS NETBOT S12 smart robot vacuum cleaner . A cleaning robot that thanks to its modern design and incredible features, make this automatic vacuum cleaner the perfect solution to keep your spaces vacuumed, clean and pleasant. A round vacuum cleaner that offers up to 4 cleaning modes . In addition, the NETBOT S12 smart vacuum cleaner is easily programmed thanks to its convenient remote control. With its HEPA filter this sweeping robot cleans and purifies the air. Discover everything that this robot vacuum cleaner can do for you. INCLUDES: Remote control, water tank, 2 side brushes, dust container and charging base.

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Netbot S12, looks after you

Intelligent 4-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner : Sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs, all types of surfaces. Easily programmed it from its convenient remote control: stop, apply functions and cleaning times. It incorporates the latest SmartGYROSCOPE, new smart navigation technology with gyroscopic sensors that avoiding crashes and falls. An automatic vacuum that cleans all the areas in your home with IKOHS quality.

Useful technology for daily cleaning

The NETBOT S12 vacuum cleaner is very useful for daily cleaning of your home. Memorizes from day one the fastest and most efficient route. Thanks to its AutoBack system, it returns to its charging station after it finishes its tasks. With its intuitive navigation programming the automatic robot knows exactly where it is, where it needs to clean and what is still to be done. Just re-fill the NETBOT S12 liquid deposit and it mops and scrubs all kinds of flooring. The ECO-efficient robot saves energy and will clean surfaces more efficiently since the cleaning robot distributes an even dose of water through the mop.

Netbot S12 takes care of the cleaning

Max Power technology maximizes power suction up to 1200 Pa with its powerful turbine which absorbs all types of dirt and leaves the floor in perfect condition, silence and no loss of suction power guaranteed. The sweeping robot has 4 powerful cleaning modes at the ready to efficiently clean 100% of the surface. It passes several times over the same spot to remove dirt which is most stubborn, and activating the maximum power mode on rugs and carpets, cleans them more effectively. The automatic vacuum cleaner that uses SoftSILENCE technology with sound level of < 65 dB so it doesn´t scare your pets. It also includes Soft Floor Mop composed of electrostatic microfiber for excellent cleaning on all types of surfaces.

Efficiency at your service: Time, for you...

NETBOT S12 is always prepared with MEMORY: its a robot floor cleaner programmed 24 hours 7 days a week. User-friendly remote control: stop, apply functions and cleaning times.  Infinity Batt system with an LG 2000 mAh Lithium Ion battery. That gives it up to 100min duration in its maximum power mode. AutoBack system, returns to its charging station after it finishes its tasks thanks to its GPS memory. NETBOT S12 is an automatic vacuum cleaner capable of retaining allergens and dust with its HEPA filter that also purifies the air while cleaning.

For intelligent homes

We have designed a rotating robot that is prepared for every type of floor and fine carpets. Includes 2 capacity deposits: for dust 600ml and liquids 160 ml. It moves efficiently adapting to your home, cleaning under furniture, detecting obstacles and avoiding falls down steps or unevenness. It is a sweeping robot that cleans completely even in the most obscure corners, thanks to its 2 side brushes that pushes all the dirt up to its mouth and comes with replacements for an optimal maintenance.

The NETBOT S12 is the intelligent cleaning robot for you!

*Remote Control: Takes two AAA batteries, not included.

*On black surfaces the robot vacuum cleaner may have malfunctions, this does NOT mean that it is damaged but that the sensors interpret a danger of falling and make the Vacuum Robot recede.