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Electric Lint Remover

Give your favourite garments a new lease of life with an electric lint remover. The fabric shaver removes, without damaging the clothes, the small balls and filaments shaving the surface to make it look like new. Our best lint remover is also a cheap lint remover, and it is also a rechargeable lint remover.

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Choose a fabric shaver for your clothes

A fabric shaver which is also known as a fuzz remover or a lint remover is a hand held electric device that is mostly used to remove pills or fuzz on a fabric without damaging it. This device has rotating blades underneath its blade net which allows it to remove all that fuzz from the fabrics. The fabric shaver can be used on items made of fabric such as curtains, bedding, carpets, clothes like hoodies and sweaters or items made of wool, cashmere or angora. This device comes in two options: fabric shaver electricand manual. The manual shavers tend to be more gentle on fabrics since most of them come in blade less varieties which is more suitable for delicate fabrics. The electric fabric shaveron the other hand are more efficient and faster than their manual counter parts. They come in a wide range of blades, speeds and they can be powered in two different ways: dry cell or using a battery charger.

Electric lint remover

Removing lint and fuzz from fabric made items has been made easier with the use of the electric lint remover. This device will help keep your fabrics looking new and increase their durability. It works efficiently on fabric made items like cardigans, sweaters, suits among many other items. This device has blades underneath it which helps it to efficiently remove lint and fuzz without damaging the threading on the fabrics. This device can easily be adjusted to effortlessly glide over fabrics and to match the length of the fabric fibers. The height spacers prevent it from getting snuggled in fabrics and preventing damage while removing lint. Most of these devices have ergonomic handles which have a good grip and makes the removal of lint from fabrics effortless and time saving. In addition to that, the rechargeable lint remover is more efficient and faster compared to the lint brush or the sticky lint tape. This clothes care device will have your fabrics looking great all year long.

Ironing your clothes

Wrinkle-free clothes are aesthetically pleasing but not everybody likes ironing. But with a few quick tips and a pretty ironing station you will be able to save on space and quickly get your ironing done. To make ironing easier, invest in vertical ironing like the steam iron. These garment steamers are the secret to quickly and easily remove creases from garments while still on the hangers without the need to use an ironing board. These devices are easily portable and they are sometimes referred to as travel or clothes steamers. They are designed to help with last minute touch ups or emergency de-creasing. These garment steamers are convenient to use and don't require an ironing board. Though they can also be used vertically and horizontally if one prefers to use an ironing board. The fabric steamers are highly recommended for delicate fabrics as they reduce the risk of burning up. When to consider fabric steamers;

  • If you are looking to iron one item at a time or you are in a hurry
  • If your frequently travel and would like a portable device that can easily smarten your fabrics.
  • Of you don not have space for ironing boards or you find them cumbersome to use.
  • If you have items made of delicate fabrics that are hard to iron.

There are two types of garment steamers: upright garment steamers and handheld garment steamers. The latter is lighter, smaller and more portable than the former. The upright garment steamers are larger and bulkier but they come with larger water tanks hence they can steam garments for longer.