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Vertical Ironing

The vertical steam iron has become a great rival to the conventional steam iron. You will find the best vertical iron in our catalogue, almost a professional vertical steam iron with which you can iron, disinfect and deodorise curtains, fabrics and your favourite garments with minimum effort.

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About clothes steamers

Also known as a garment steamer, this device works to smooth out wrinkles from clothes more efficiently and rapidly than a conventional iron box, thus protecting the garment or fabric and their shape. It is essential that you choose a steamer that is powerful, compact and durable to maintain the quality of your clothes. Using an iron can be time-consuming and frustrating because it takes a long time to heat up, and they don’t always hold their heat and sometimes you have to wait in between each cloth while the iron heats up. Also, the ironing board takes up a lot of room because of its shape. Clothes steamer is your best option when you have large garments such as curtains, furniture slip covers, upholstery and other home furnishings that have wrinkles.

Why use handheld clothes steamers?

You need the best clothing care to ensure the safety and quality of your garments. These steamers are less bulky and are lighter than a traditional steamer. Handheld clothes steamers are small enough to fit in your travelling bag. The traditional iron box may find a permanent place in your closet because of the many downsides associated with it. You could try a handheld steamer to save big on space and energy bills. A steam iron with a standard is recommended for steaming more clothes and jackets. If you need something a little more powerful to help you get wrinkles out of your clothing, and keep them looking as neat as possible, consider purchasing a steamer. Handheld steamers are a lot cheaper than full size steamers and will set you back depending on the model. If you don’t have an ironing station at home, consider buying one because it also helps to keep things clean around the house.

How to use a cloth steamer?

All you need to do is to prepare the steamer for use by pouring cold water into its water tank, hang the garment you wish to steam because its easiest to steam the garment when its hanging. Steam your garment by running the streamer in downward strokes along the fabric, and let your garment dry. Steamers are ideal for soft and delicate fabrics like silk, polyester, satin and jersey. Steamers use the hot steam to relax the fibre in the clothing.

Features and benefits of steamers

The water tank holds 61 ounces of water which allows one hour of continuous steam. This unit heats up quickly in 45 to 60 seconds. The steam goes deep into the fabrics to relax their fibres to remove wrinkles even in the heaviest fabrics. The steamer also acts as a sanitizer to your clothes because the steam kills 99.9% of bacteria, lifting any odours. Besides being gentler on clothes, the steamers are also easy to work with, thus helping to keep your clothes wrinkle free and fresh for a longer period. Steamers are also good for refreshing and giving your once-worn clothes another lease of life. It is necessary to learn about the types of garment steamers available before settling for one. You can steam your clothes almost anywhere. In short, steamers can get your life to the simple. For instance, you can buy a large steamer if you need to use it regularly. Remember that these steamers take up less space, are portable and offer the flexibility you need to make life easier. Get the right clothes care packs for a great steaming experience.