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Steam cleaning

The steam emitted by steam cleaners is capable of removing the most ingrained dirt, sterilising and deep cleaning multiple surfaces, objects and fabrics. When you buy a steam cleaner you are assured of a quick, simple and very effective cleaning of any corner of your home. Choose your CREATE steam cleaner.
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Steam cleaners are devices that are used to clean surfaces by use of steam or vapor. They typically work using tap water that is filled into a storage tank. When these cleaners are turned on, the water heats up in seconds and are converted to steam used to clean surfaces. They are reliable and suitable for cleaning all manner of surfaces. These include floors, glass surfaces, mirrors, some furniture pieces, outer parts of cars, windows, bathroom tiles, and shower areas; the list is endless. We have a wide selection of steam cleaners for sale for all kinds of users.

Reasons to Buy Your Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners should be staple cleaning appliances in homes, offices, and commercial spaces alike. This is because of the many benefits they have to offer as cleaning devices. With technology making everything easier, cleaning is no exception, and the following are a few reasons why you should consider buying a cleaner today:

  • They are time-saving appliances that get the job done within a short time.
  • They are budget-friendly as they reduce user costs with their ability to clean comprehensively without detergent, bleach, disinfectant, and other cleaning products.
  • Handheld steam cleaners are light and convenient for use in small nooks, corners, and other areas that usually would be difficult to reach while cleaning.
  • They are ideal for people with respiratory complications and allergies as they do not release any loose particles into the air while in use.
  • No more harmful cleaning chemicals in your home, such as industrial cleaning compounds, due to cleaners' efficiency independently
  • Shorter drying time for surfaces as no actual moisture is used
  • These cleaners are more thorough than other cleaning appliances as, in addition to dirt and grease removal, the hot air kills germs, bacteria, and viruses effectively

Types of Steam Cleaners

Cleaners vary in size, working mechanism, and capability. Understanding the different options available in the marketplace will help buyers settle for the best available option in the market for their needs, giving them value at a reasonable budget. The different types include:

  • Vacuum and steam mop– This can be used as a dry vacuum and still has the steam mop option.
  • Portable steam cleaner/cordless handheld steam cleaner - These are smaller cleaners for less demanding cleaning tasks ideal for home use or small office space.
  • Steam irons rely on an inbuilt battery system and hence no need to plug them into a power source. They are also small enough to be held by a hand, making them very useful as UVC sterilizers while on the move.
  • Cylinder cleaners- These are bigger than most cleaners and ideal for large spaces due to their large working capacity.
  • Steam Mops– They are similar in appearance to stick vacuums but have a microfiber pad at the base and use hot air to clean.

Things to Know Before Buying Your Steam Cleaner

It is essential to be clear about the cleaner's intended use to make a suitable choice. This will help you choose the right capacity, the right temperature level that the cleaner can accommodate, and minor factors such as the level of noise produced. Visit our online store today and explore our many options and get one which is ideal for you.