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Electric pizza oven, prepares the pizzas in just 6 minutes, leaving them perfect thanks to a non-stick and removable refractory stone base of 31cm in diameter. In addition, you can also cook other types of food in the oven: Bake bread, muffins, give a point of grill to lasagna and cannelloni, etc. Thanks to the fact that it quickly reaches temperatures of 350 °.


An adjustable thermostat controls two heating elements that reach more than 350 ° in 5 power levels and cooks the pizza evenly in both thin and fluffy dough.

Avant-garde design inspired by stone ovens, with a heat-resistant double glass window to observe and control the degree of doneness.

Clean and very practical . Its non-stick refractory stone plate has two handles to remove it from the oven, so you can bake, serve and clean with total comfort.

Round electric oven specially designed for pizzas, but you can also bake, roast and gratin countless dishes, serve them comfortably and clean the stone easily.

You can take it to campsites and caravans and store it in an upright position, which will take up less space and store it easily.


Over time the stone darkens and acquires patina, it is a normal and beneficial process for the stone.

Never use soap to clean the stone, as it is porous and will absorb it and give off a soapy smell when cooking.

Do not cure the stone with oil either, the stone will heal itself over time. To clean it, first use a wooden spatula and then wipe it with a wet cloth.