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Gas oven to cook stone pizzas quickly. It is capable of reaching 500°C and has the space to turn a 40cm or 30cm diameter pizza without removing it from the oven. Prepare your pizzas in a traditional way, with fire and stone, like in your favorite pizzeria. It is a portable and very resistant gas oven, perfect for outdoors.
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Size: 12"


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£ 269.95
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Pizza Maker Pro
Outdoor portable gas oven
Stone bake your pizzas by preheating the oven and stone for 15 minutes. Then, your pizza will be ready in just 1 or 2 minutes. The oven can reach a maximum temperature of 500°C.
Pizza Maker Pro
Size: 12 inches
Its compact and lightweight design allows you to turn medium-sized pizzas (Ø30cm) inside, following the same technique as in a traditional stone oven.
Pizza Maker Pro
Size: 16 inches
Its XL design and L-shaped flame allow you to turn large pizzas (Ø40cm) inside, using the same technique as in a traditional stone pizza oven.
Pizza Maker Pro
Reliable, resistant and highly durable materials
The oven's body is made of cold-rolled stainless steel and the cooking stone is made of 12mm thick Cordierite ceramic. It’s a portable gas oven for outdoors or highly ventilated spaces such as porches and terraces. Its front legs are foldable, enabling its transport or storage.
Pizza Maker Pro
It includes a Flame-Out safety system
It’s ignited by the spark generated by its ignition button or by the included extended match support. Informative note: the gas hose and valve are NOT included, and must be purchased and assembled in accordance with the legislation in force in each country for gas appliances.
Pizza Maker Pro
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Transport and storage bag for the PIZZA MAKER PRO gas pizza oven (only suitable for 16" size). Practical and very resistant. With its help you’ll be able to take your portable pizza oven wherever you want very easily. This item is sold separately and is not included when purchasing the gas pizza oven.

This gas pizza oven uses exclusively butane gas cylinders with 28-30mbar (millibar pressure) and 37mb propane cylinders. Make sure you are using the gas cylinder with these specifications.