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Multi cooker

The multi cooker has become the best help in your daily cooking. We have intelligent, compact and multifunctional multicookers, you will be able to prepare any dish you can imagine. On our website and in the APP, you have hundreds of recipes for your programmable kitchen robot that are constantly updated.

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A multi cooker is a well-known kitchen appliance that is used to carry out most of the kitchen practices, especially in food preparation. The equipment can bake, boil, fry, grill deep-fry, roast, brown, steam and stew food. Most of the time, it uses electricity, and it is an automatic cooking machine that has a timer.

How Does a Multicooker Operate?

This device works by inserting the ingredients of your choice in the cooker, and then you select a corresponding program as you wish. You set a timer and let the device cook your food according to the program without any other intervention. Apart from cooking food, the multi cooker can be used to slow cook food, reheat or keeping food warm.

Essential Parts of a Multicooker

  • Housing: The housing could make of stainless steel, plastic or a combination of both. The device's body is attached to other parts, and it has an air gap between it and the bowl. This air gap serves as a thermal insulator of the machine.
  • Inner Bowl: The inner bowl is made of Teflon or ceramic tiles, and it has a non-sticking coating that helps the machine to operate appropriately. The coat also prevents food from sticking to the bottom of the bowl or on the walls as well as preventing food from burning. Most of the modern cookers have removable bowls.
  • Lid: This is a crucial part of the cooker as it helps in covering the contents inside the bowl from getting contaminated. It also prevents the food from drying or losing moisture through evaporation as well as splashing.
  • Temperature Sensors: The temperature sensors are always found at the centre of the housing. It touches the pan to ensure that it reads the temperatures accurately. Some cookers have the temperature sensors on the sides of the housings while others have them on top.
  • Control Panel: This is part of the housing, and it is made up of a microprocessor equipped with programs that display parameters such as pressures and temperatures. It has several buttons that are used to control the mentioned parameters.

Some of the modern multi cooking machines are equipped with more advanced parts such as condensate collectors which are used to collect the condensing liquid on the ids. They come along with pressure sensors, especially those who use pressure cooking as a way of preparing food.

Benefits of Using a Multi Cooker

  • Easy To Operate: Cooking with a Multi-cooker does not call for professionalism and skills. It is simple to use, especially with the aid of the control button, you can cook various meals comfortably even if you are not an excellent cook. You can prepare your meals the way you want and get quality results.
  • Fast And Healthy Cooking: Preparing a meal with the device is fast, unlike using other methods of cooking. Besides being fast, it is one of the most effective ways of preparing healthy meals that are free from burns and caramels.
  • Easy To Clean: The fact that the inner bowl is removable makes the machine easy to clean. It is made of non-sticking coat that makes food not to stick on the walls of the pot; hence cleaning is easy. If you are using a kitchen robot, it will clean the machine effectively with no doubt.

Multi cooker: The Final Word

Purchasing a multi cooking machine is the wisest idea you could have made as it will also help you in saving your kitchen space and improve your recipes by combining this devide with a kitchen scale. Apart from the benefits listed above, the machine will also add value to your kitchen. It is also the best option if you want to prepare an aesthetic and palatable food.

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